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  1. what is the rpm of your hdd?
  2. Hey better idea put a 100 rat traps around his bed and then burst a cracker on his head when he jumps outta his bed hes gonna be crying
  3. true the prebuilt psus are TERRIBLE
  4. You may not see the dust but TRUST ME THE DUST IS THERE try using something that blows a concentrated flow of air to get the dust outside NOT A PRESSURE WATER COOLER u know eletronics+water= BOOM
  5. the problem may be the psu. try replacing the psu because the old psu s accumulate a LOT of dust inside them and dont work properly..
  6. he does not have an external gpu as he already said
  7. which brand is the psu of and is it bronze certified?
  8. you have just stated about your ram and psu what about your processor and your gpu and your hdd and other stuff??
  9. Have you kept the PC on your carpet if you have try keeping it on a glassy surface
  10. yeah but he already likes a mouse and NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN YOUR OWN WILL!