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    drok reacted to Froody129 in Red Dead Redemption 2 PC benchmarks- move over Crysis ; UPDATED   
    Everyone: We want a new Crysis that really pushes modern hardware!
    Rockstar: releases game that looks amazing where ultra is actually difficult to run for current gen 
    Everyone: muh optimizations! 
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    drok reacted to dizmo in Crowdfunded game Outer Wilds is now an Epic Store timed exclusive   
    IIRC not the first crowd funded game they've done this to.
    Money talks, and this unfortunately is an easy target for them. Kind of shady IMO, and another reason I won't use the Epic Game Store.
    Though, tbh the game's already pretty far behind...so those people likely gave up on it already anyway. Why people crowd fund games is beyond me.
    Has Star Citizen not taught anyone a lesson? ?
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    drok reacted to LinusTech in INTEL SECRET 32 CORE LGA3647 ON EBAY? NOT JUST 28C?!   
    Sold. Let's find out what the heck this is.

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    drok reacted to Adama in (UPDATED - Claim has been removed) The Linux Gamer's response video to LTT got claimed by Fullscreen   
    You have no idea how content id works, fullscreen configures and uploads footage to the system, the system then crawls and flags videos based on settings only youtube can control, you do have some control on how agressive you want the system, but the thing your whole tldr falls apart on is this, the video in question has been in yotubes contentid system for months, and it doesnt take content id that long to crawl, the video was not flagged until now, coincidentally the same time we see a massive uptick in claims all around, also around the time of article 13 dealings, almost like maybe youtube is messing with some settings making fullscreens perfectly reasonable settings go haywire, but no, linus is a demon in disguise, its not like anyone on this forum has interacted with linus outside ltt and confirmed thats basically how he acts, its not like thats a major draw for some people, nope.
  5. Agree
    drok reacted to Spotty in Anyone else seeing this ?!?!   
    Watched the first minute. So much wrong with this.
    He states that the only reason LTT would do this is because LTT must have a profound ignorance of how technology works. (He's ignorant for not realising it's automated)
    He then goes on to say that he received 7 copyright claims on his video, and that if he the receives three his channel gets shut down. So clearly he either doesn't know the difference between a copyright claim and a copyright strike, or he's intentionally misleading in order to generate drama.
    He then goes on to state "as you can see I'm live right now" which would not be possible if he had received a strike.
    For those unaware, a copyright claim can be from the automated content ID system (or issued manually) and will let the copyright holder claim the ad revenue for that video. You can dispute it, and if you dispute it in a reasonable time you will get all the ad revenue back if it's found the claim is invalid. It doesn't affect anything on YouTube apart from that specific video, and your ability to upload new videos is not affected. 
    Copyright strikes are a penalty system that YouTube has where you are issued a strike if a company/channel files a DMCA takedown notice against your video. This has to be done manually. A single copyright strike against your channel and you can lose your ability to live stream and YouTube will frown upon you and make it less likely your videos will be promoted on the platform. After three strikes within three months, your channel may even be deleted from YouTube.
    So, from the first minute alone, he's proven he either lacks even a basic understanding of YouTube's copyright system and is entirely ignorant (which I doubt since he has what appears to be a rather successful YouTube channel), or he's intentionally misrepresenting the situation in order to generate controversy.
    I can't be bothered watching the rest of the video he posted, cause from the first minute I can already tell it's complete horse shit.
    The sad part is that fullscreen/LTT will review these automated claims and remove them - as they have been doing for other channels, including their own that have been affected - and I can almost guarantee that as soon as that happens this guy will upload a "I WON - I BEAT LTT" video claiming how he stood up to a greedy corporation and won. 
    The Linux gamer guy that also got an automated claim from LTT, he handled the situation much better. Although he also made a video about the situation, he handled it in a much more mature way and didn't direct abuse at LTT. He used his video to mainly explain why he felt that his video didn't infringe on LTTs copyright. As soon as it was resolved he quickly updated the title of his initial video, and released another video acknowledging that it had been resolved.
    At the end of it all I was actually hoping that LTT could work with him doing a Collab to make another Linux gaming video... Just goes to show how you decide to handle or react to a situation has a big impact.
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    drok reacted to Paladin Goo in Anyone else seeing this ?!?!   
    This exactly, again.
    The second he made that video, Carey instantly became the only actual person in the wrong. 
  7. Agree
    drok reacted to Paladin Goo in Anyone else seeing this ?!?!   
    No, nobody actively did this. IT IS COMPLETELY AUTOMATED BY YOUTUBE'S CONTENT ID SYSTEM. The same thing happened to the TechQuickie channel for using content from the main LTT channel. Do you really, honestly think they content claimed themselves?
    He is INCORRECT. You can believe him all you want - he's still completely incorrect. 
    He's got 1/4 million subscribers and has dealt with situations like this before. Don't patronize us by saying he doesn't know how content ID works by now. If he honestly doesn't, he's willfully choosing to be ignorant to it.
  8. Agree
    drok reacted to Blademaster91 in Anyone else seeing this ?!?!   
    It isn't his fault though, it seems that Carey Holzman doesn't know the content ID system was changed, and I can understand him not giving benefit of the doubt especially when he got 7 copyright strikes over using the Heaven benchmark.
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    drok reacted to .Apex. in Titan RTX leaked (By Linus?) - Updated with Pricing & Specs   
    I think this has to be some kind of "advertising", what are the odds that there's an RTX Titan box laying around the WAN show set and Linus somehow picked it up without knowing
    i mean it's possible it's just a mistake, but im skeptical 
  10. Agree
    drok reacted to LAwLz in Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates   
    Well, if you want to be seen as a logical and rational person you kind of do.
    There are plenty of things which are not "natural" (whatever that means) which are very good. For example, ,medicine, houses with heating, refrigeration, computers, glasses, and so on.
    There are also plenty of natural things which are not good. Cyanide for example is natural, yet extremely deadly.
    Lab grown meat could be revolutionary.
    It might be possible to make it taste better than regular meat.
    It might be possible to make it more nutritious that regular meat.
    It might become cheaper than regular meat.
    It will most likely dramatically reduce the environmental impact of the meat business (which is a massive contributor to green house gasses).
    It is more humane.
    On top of that, one benefit I don't think I've seen mentioned before is the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
    Animals bred for slaughter is often pumped full of antibiotics in order to keep them from getting infested with bacteria. The problem with this is that it has lead to rapid development of antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is a VERY serious threat to humanity. There are already over 20,000 people dying each year in the US from antibiotic resistant bacteria, and that number will only increase as the number of resistant bacteria increases (which it will, it's evolution).
    So there are tons of benefits from this, including possibly saving millions of human life or crippling illness, and government money too.
  11. Agree
    drok reacted to Syntaxvgm in Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates   
    pushed by realists. Environmentalists are typically the no-evidence anti-gmo idiots. 
    Imo this is the next step, and if it makes meat cheaper I'm willing to give it a shot, and if it's successful you wont be able to avoid it. It will be in fast food and likely mixed in with yo ur real meat as a filler. 
  12. Agree
    drok reacted to RejZoR in Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates   
    I don't have any prejudice for this stuff really. I already eat "meat" products that are made of milk and vegetable proteins but have texture and taste of meat. I'm not vegetarian and I always defend the fact that humans are omnivores, but if we can actually do that, then why not. Cars liberated horses, maybe these meat growing farms will do the same for cows, pigs and chickens. I just hope it won't be like the scenario from The Island with a slightly different twist...
  13. Agree
    drok reacted to Bananasplit_00 in Lab Grown Meat gets closer to see consumer plates   
    thats nice, if it can be made more enviromentally friendly im super for it. meat is great but todays production of it is a major source of greenhouse gas, is absolutly disgusting in some places and with this perhaps we could get more local production of all kinds of meats to cut down on transports. i could also see this being a great thing for those that choose to be vegitarians from an ethical standpoint  
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    drok reacted to NumLock21 in [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review   
    So [H] released their 1070 review early because they did not signed the NDA and some are not happy about it. Who cares, you'll still read or watch the other reviewers anyway, for performance comparisons sake.
  15. Like
    drok reacted to Stefan Payne in [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review   
    Vengeance is sweet, isn't it?
    Since nVidia didn't sample them and banned them from all official sources, they looked elsewhere and pissed off everyone involved. GOOD!!
    So they being banned by nVidia for Testsamples was actually an advantage for them - and disadvantage for everyone 
  16. Agree
    drok reacted to Delicieuxz in [H}ardocp MSI GeForce RTX 2070 GAMING Z review   
    I don't think so.
    Reviewers have a choice of whether to sign an NDA that restricts their review release date in exchange for getting a free sample from Nvidia. Those who chose to sign the NDA got what they chose: A free review sample and the restriction that comes with it.
    Reviewers that chose to not sign the NDA had to source a GPU from other means, probably paying for it out of their own pocket, but aren't subject to Nvidia's review release restriction.
    Is it a jerk move that those who chose to not sign the NDA don't get a free review sample? That's part of the package. And a person chooses to not sign an NDA specifically to not be bound by Nvidia's terms - which include Nvidia's review release restrictions.
  17. Agree
    drok reacted to Speed Weed in Valve bans over 60,000 Steam accounts to smash its previous record   
    Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/valve/valve-steam-vac-ban-wave
    Well, R.I.P 60,000 Steam users. Thanks goodness, VAC is still work. At least VAC banned people that deserve to be banned, and not like GTA 5 anti cheat that can't distinguish a cheater and an innocent player. 
  18. Agree
    drok reacted to NMS in Apple banned cryptocurrency mining on ios devices   
    You sure about this? The GPU prices didn't skyrocket because of DRAM shortage only.
    Good for Apple, that's another good thing they did out of 100 shitty ones.
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    drok reacted to mynameisjuan in New BITMAIN ASIC Mines Equihash = 15x1080Ti GPUs at 300 Watts   
    Or how about not waste power at all on an a fake currency?
  20. Agree
    drok reacted to LinusTech in Ninja smashes his old Twitch viewership record with his event at Las Vegas peaking at 680'000 viewers.   
    When I see stuff like this it makes me feel so old and out of touch.
    This is gonna be the generational gap between me and my kids I think.. esports and pro gaming.
    Then again I think it's only partially generational. I have no time for traditional pro sports either...
  21. Agree
    drok reacted to 19_blackie_73 in Plattsburgh, N.Y to take legislative against crypto mining.   
    that's insane
    instead of saving energy and resources, these miners give a shit about their environment and just waste energy for an illusion. If everything would come out of renewable energy, that wouldn't be much of a problem, but I bet that most of the juice comes out of coal and other, non-regenerative resources
  22. Agree
    drok reacted to RorzNZ in [Update] Multiple Banks have barred credit card customers from buying cryptocurrencies amidst fears of a crash   
    This is a good move imo. I'm all for freedom of currencies or whatever baloney you call it, but theres more money to be made elsewhere and illegal activity is not on. Stick with the real thing.
  23. Agree
    drok reacted to huilun02 in [Updated with Benchmark*] AC:O gets cracked 3 days after it's update containing Denuvo 4.9   
    Now I can get an improved version of the game for free? Sweet!
    Oh wait its Asscreed, nevermind I'll pass.
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    drok reacted to Enderman in PC Perspective accused of violating journalistic ethics *Update 2 with PCPer reply*   
    So exactly what ethics were violated here...?
    The conclusion of the reviews were pretty much the same.
    This sounds more like a complaint from someone who is jealous they didn't get 4 drives and pcper did.
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    drok reacted to CaptainKieseI in CCleaner: 2m users install anti-malware program … that contains malware   
    ccleaner = anti malware? haha ha ha