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  1. And they have 2 websites. One with extra y at the end.
  2. Isn't it mandatory since official release of GTA5 on pc.
  3. Too late i already used to my G403
  4. my phat ps 3 with custom firmware is somewhere in the attic. didnt use that thing since i moved in 2013
  5. looks like that firestrike pic came from the future
  6. Most of the time theres a sticker on the box informing that it will contain a game, and the sticker was simply removed and the customer didnt even know that there should be a game included.
  7. The actually pretty smart idea. Some employees remove game codes from packages to sell on gee too aye.
  8. I remember ass creed was always online. Ubis servers where ddosed then and pirates made server emulators.
  9. drok

    New case

    When you are short on cash for the new case.
  10. There was already a leaked score of 1050ti in 3dmark Performance score of 10054 its the same as an overclocked 960 and Extreme score of 3867, overclocked 960 has an x score of 3374 source http://videocardz.com/63750/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-specifications-confirmed-with-gpu-z#disqus_thread
  11. Mine MSI gtx 1070 gaming had problems with vram so i wouldnt advise buying it, and it seems i was not the only one who had the same issue.
  12. 3dmark scores are out http://videocardz.com/63750/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-specifications-confirmed-with-gpu-z#disqus_thread
  13. I loved ARK but now i know why the updates and the content in the updates became less when it was at some point, and thats when they decided to work on this dlc "expansion". They still didnt fulfill promises that they have on their "a little further out"(in which some of the things are over 6 + month old) patch notes and the game is is still unoptimized and and instead working on that they decided well lets earn some more people who are waiting for optimization can wait more. meh
  14. Batman was like €30 for preoder and for that money it was a great game whereas no mans sky is still €60.
  15. firestrike score source: http://wap.ithome.com/html/250652.htm
  16. here, funny thing is i only got artifacts after closing the game edit: why do i get 1911mhz when in boost it says 1709 here what it looks like
  17. Just got my MSi 1070 gaming 8g today. already getting artifacts. probably its clocks too high or i dont know well anyway will return it.
  18. And here i am waiting for my 1070 gaming 8g to arrive on monday/tuesday sadface
  19. Logitech MX518 mouse and generic keyboard.
  20. Dutch prices: https://azerty.nl/producten/zoek?GROEP_ID=6867&p_tab=8&v_uitgebreid=off&PAGINA=1&SORTERING=prijs_asc&presentatie=miniatuur-lijst
  21. Compact and a nice design. Just what i need for my small living room