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  1. I would like my money they took from me and never gave me a product. This wasn't a kickstarter btw, this was a preorder on their website. Lots of shenanigans from this company (even read their Spectrum monitor is having very similar problems). I would be very very careful about giving this company your money.
  2. I'm looking at a 3080 that is using three 8 pin PCIE connectors (EVGA 3080 FTW), but I only have two free 8 PCIE connectors. Would it be safe to split one of them to connect to two of the connectors? I currently have a a Corsair SFX Plus Platinum power supply.
  3. I think that's for the PSU. I definitely saw the 12 pin when they showed on the stream.
  4. I think Seasonic was being cautious and super conservative. My system as designed and measured, with a 3700x (65 watt TDP) with a GTX 1080 (180 watt TDP) with a quality 600 watt PSU. It only pulls a max around 300 watts when I've tried to push it on games (I haven't tried blender of course, but that's not something I typically do), with something like Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption 2. I'm fairly confident that I would be able to push a 3090 at a 350 tdp with some headroom if I really wanted to, if I could actually fit it in my small case.
  5. I would never order anything from this company. I know in the WAN Show about Eve Tech issues that James stated that "everyone, after a delay, got their devices", but this is untrue. There is an entire subreddit about people that never got their devices, nor got a refund, this includes myself. I'm basically out 1200 dollars, I never got anything after two years.