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    TheLastUzumaki reacted to Commander_Z in 50 Videos in 5-6 Days?!   
    there's been some pretty cool videos lately
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    TheLastUzumaki reacted to Charger in 50 Videos in 5-6 Days?!   
    Do you really think he guesstimated wrong from 15 to 50... i don't think that will be the case lol
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    TheLastUzumaki reacted to Imabigmac in 50 Videos in 5-6 Days?!   
    Linus still has a voice so that's a good sign. 
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    TheLastUzumaki reacted to pcexplosion in 50 Videos in 5-6 Days?!   
    The CES vids?
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    TheLastUzumaki reacted to LinusTech in PC Per & HWC Collaborative Giveaway   
    There's not much to say other than watch the videos, subscribe to all, leave comments on all, and you'll have a chance to win this great prize pack courtesy of Caselabs, Dazmode.com, NCIX.com, PC Per, and Koolance
    Caselabs S5 case with CPU liquid cooling kit
    Radeon R9 290 with Koolance water block
    Intel Core i5 4670K