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  1. I've attached a paint masterpiece trying to help paint a better picture of what I wanna do. Is there any way to achieve this on a Windows PC?
  2. Hi, I'm swapped the cooler on my MSI 1080ti with a Kraken G12, using an Asetek 12mm aio for the die. The system booted fine, temps were pretty close to ambient as well under no load. So I ran Unigine Heaven to stability and stress test it and it started stuttering right off the bat. Under event viewer it showed "nvlddmkm stopped responding". I was able to run a light game like Overwatch just fine at 144 FPS, but I booted up Just Cause 3, and it too crashed right out of the gate with message "dxgi device removed". I monitored the temps using both After burner and GPU-Z,
  3. The corsair software shows the pump running at standard speeds, and I can game and use my PC just fine, its just that the temps reach 70C in most tasks.
  4. Yeah, I did replace the stock fans with Noctuas, but they show up in the Corsair software with RPMs reporting just fine. I did feel the mounting surface of the cooler, and it felt uneven with several grooves along one direction. It was nothing crazy, wasn't even visible. Is that something of concern?
  5. I did that about 4 times(pea size, line, spread with a spudger). I even got a IC graphite thermal pad to remove any chance of a poor application. Those only increase temps by 2-3C, not enough to explain the delta b/w my temps and their temps
  6. Yeah, it varied b/w 1.31-1.33v depending on the load
  7. (@1.32V) Gigabyte HD3P rev1.0 and a Corsair H100i v2. The CPU went over 100C in about 15 seconds.
  8. the respective ones are in parenthesis next to the setups (1.36 for them 1.32 for me), sorry if that wasn't clear.
  9. Hey all, I recently had my 8700k delidded by silicon lottery. Once I did end up putting it in my system, couldn't clock it over 4.4GHz without throttling in Aida64. I figured it might be a bad delid, I sent it back to them for testing and binning. They just got back to me with sub 70 C temps while clocked at 4.9GHz in P95. Their setup was (@1.36V) Maximus X Hero, Corsair H105 AIO, while I used a (@1.32V) Gigabyte HD3P rev1.0 and a Corsair H100i v2. I'm guessing there's something wrong with my cooler, right? Is there anything short of testing on a different cpu I c
  10. Raid Arrays for even faster speeds, I have a 250GB NMVE SSD as my boot drive, and a 1TB SATA SSD as my Game Drive. I'm sure there's more reasons.
  11. None that jump to my mind. Just make sure you read all the conditions, since there are a bunch of them and make sure you're okay with them.
  12. So I just got an EVGA SC2 2 days ago, to replace my 1070. It runs at about mid 60s (running Overwatch at all max, 144 FPS), not that much hotter than my 1070(high 50s). A word of advice, keep your eye open for any deals that pop up, I managed to get mine for 599(no taxes+ free shipping from B&H), there was one selling for 526 apparently. Also, since it's an EVGA card, I'll be eligible for their Step-Up Program. It basically let's you pay the difference between a product you brought in the past 90 days, and an upgraded device, to get the upgraded one (i.e. any of the 20XX series
  13. Hi all, So I bought the Dell S2417DG about a week ago. It was on sale for about 300 USD from Best Buy, and I thought QHD, G-Sync, 144Hz, sounds like a great deal, especially from a company like Dell. Only problem is, I've never had a TN panel. I did read quiet a few reviews before pulling the trigger, all said it had great colors, only a few issues with gamma levels, but can be corrected with some calibration. So I went ahead and purchased it. After setting it up, I noticed the color banding. Especially with darker colors. I had no idea TN panels did this. Calibration using the ICC
  14. Which version of Windows do you have?