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  1. Im making a messaging server and client in python for uni. We have to implement SSL/TLS encryption. 


    So i use this code to create a context, but come up with a problem when i try to pass certificate and key files to it

    def setup_SSL_context():
    	#uporabi samo TLS, ne SSL
    	context = ssl.SSLContext(ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1)
    	# certifikat je obvezen
    	context.verify_mode = ssl.CERT_REQUIRED
    	#nalozi svoje certifikate
    	context.load_cert_chain(certfile="luka.pem", keyfile="lukakey.pem") # the line that confuses python
    	# nalozi certifikate CAjev (samopodp. cert.= svoja CA!)
    	# nastavi SSL CipherSuites (nacin kriptiranja)
    	return context

    if i directly pass the files like that, its all working properly, but well, i want this client to support more than one user, so my solution was to pass filenames as formatted strings like this

    username = input() # yes i did input luka...
    context.load_cert_chain(certfile="[].pem".format(username), keyfile="[]key.pem".format(username))

    which threw a FileNotFound Exception, but only on the lukakey.pem file...


    Does anyone have any idea why it does that?

  2. 5 hours ago, Joegeddon said:

    Everything I've learned so far has been in Python 2.7. It's only a high school computing science course though.

    Dont worry, the syntax is almost the same, apart from the print statement/function. But you do get more features (iirc 2.7 is the last python 2), guaranteed working on most systems that arent windows (linux and OSX come with python 3.4), and (not sure if my memory serves me right on this) faster exectution.

  3. 1 hour ago, Timmy-P said:

    Wrist to the tip of my middle finger is ~7.5 in/9 cm, and I tend to claw it with no issues regarding comfort.  I uploaded a pic of my hand next to my mouse to put it in perspective.

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    OK so your hand is just as big as mine, except that you claw and i palm. I think ill go for it

  4. 1 hour ago, Timmy-P said:


    The buttons are nice and tactile, not much travel distance - once you apply pressure, it's clicked, unlike the DeathAdder.  The side buttons have a little travel distance, but at least they don't feel cheap.


    I'm using it right now, so if you have any questions about it I'll be more than happy to answer them.

    how big are your hands, wrist to fingertips? (if i may ask) and how is the comfort with that size

  5. 2 minutes ago, HydraGaming said:

    Ill link a few reviews about these mice



    Gigabyte XM300




    Honestly if you didn't like the shape of the G303 i would place it towards the bottom of your short list since the shape of a mouse is one of the most important and defining features of a mouse. The G502 has the same sensor but buttons might not be as nice.

    yeah it was awkward... what do you mean with buttons not being as nice on the 502?

  6. 1 hour ago, Timmy-P said:

    Came here to say this.  The G303 is a worthy update to the G302, and it does more under the hood rather than RGB lighting.  I've own the G303 for about three months and I can recommend it, though this is coming from a guy that plays FPSs primarily.


    @LukaP Now, for RPGs and MOBAs, as much as I'd like to recommend a G600/Naga (reg or Hex) for the programmable buttons (obviously), but I don't know if that's out of your budget.  I'd look it up for you, though I don't know where you're located.


    19 minutes ago, Zulkkis said:

    G600 for productivity-related uses, it can't be beat.

    I dont like that many buttons on my mouse (or atleast being placed in a grid) and the G600 is a really awkward shape for my hand for some reason. i just cant seem to grab it right.

  7. 1 hour ago, HydraGaming said:

    Ill deal with them later, i can't have people running around on this forum spreading misinformation,


    The Rival 300 could be a good option, good sensor and decent weight. It has a big butt but the grip width is similar to a medium size mouse (5,5 cm). Cons would be the rubber coat they used on the black model, a lot of people dislike it for feeling like a black board. The grey model uses normal hard plastic and the white model uses glossy plastic.


    The Mionix Castor has received a lot of praise but the thumb groove is very deep and some people don't like that. Would suggest you read this review if you are intrested in that mouse: http://www.overclock.net/t/1571087/mionix-castor-gaming-mouse-review-by-ino 


    The Logitech G303 is an excellent mouse but the awkward shape is a big barrier to entry. Some people learn to use it and some return it back to the store and it's basically impossible to palm grip in my experience.



    I noted that the Kova+ you previously used had a very low hump, i would suggest you take a look into the Avior 7000 by Mionix since that uses a very low hump too. Just note it has buttons on both sides and a lot of people have said they are in the way (most of them seem to have big hands) while some say they are not (most of them seem to have smaller hands).


    Cougar have also launched a few interesting mice in various price points. The top model 550m (similar shape to deathadder), the step down 450m (fairly low hump but is also a smaller mouse). I would mostly look at the 550m but it may be outside your price range.


    And how are zowie prices in your country? They offer some great mice in various sizes and shapes. FK1 to FK2 (same shape with very low hump but mostly recommended for fingertip grip) and EC1-A to EC2-A (deathadder style shape which is loved by many but hump is fairly big) and lastly the ZA11 to ZA13 which is very similar to FK series but very big hump which is more to the back (should suit palm grip).

    The rival is the same price as the G502, so id rather get the Logitech


    Cant get the Mionix here...

    Ive tried the 303 at a store, and didnt really like the shape that much, but it has great specs for the price, so i was kinda eyeing it anyway


    Ive liked the low humped Kova, but ive never had a problem with mice having high humps, so thats not really a factor for me


    I can get the Zowie FK1 but its also 80€, so again, rather take the G502...

  8. 1 minute ago, HydraGaming said:

    So back to you now @LukaP, have you had any previous mice which shape you liked a lot?

    i had the Kova+ from Roccat, i really enjoyed the shape, but did miss the side scrolling and a few more buttons i had on my previous logitech mouse (i dont remember the name)

    also i reccomend you ignore the circlejerk and it will go away

  9. 1 minute ago, HydraGaming said:

    Kiro, good choice but the others are better. The kiro is heavy and its main selling point is the unique ambi button solution.


    G302, good mouse but i would suggest you see if you can find the g303 as it's a straight upgrade with a better sensor and mouse feet on the sides so it doesn't wobble as easily.


    XM300, great option but some build quality issues does make it a hard recommend if you want it to last 2 years +.


    If you give me your handsize and gripstyle i can find a few more recommendations that should fit like a glove.

    Mid/Large hands and palm grip ^^

  10. 1 minute ago, AllHokage said:

    Ah you can just bump up in-game/windows sensitivity (smoother tracking).

    yeah but i cant do that on the fly really. its nice and convenient when one can do it with a click of a button on a mouse ;) (i dont even see how the DPI is such a problem, most mice ive seen have sensors that do waaay over 3500-4000 i use, i just mentioned it so i dont get the ones really focused on CSGO)

  11. 1 minute ago, AyyLmfao said:

    You don't need a gaming mouse if you aren't playing fps xD. Cheaper ones aren't good as they don't have a good sensor. I use the extra buttons on my G502 for voulume control. But let me ask you a question, why do you need a gaming mouse? What games? 

    I play my fair share of games. Mass Effect (well not anymore, waiting on the new one), Deus Ex, SWTOR/KOTOR, Fallout 4,... 

    It just seems that if one wants a high quality mouse one needs to look at gaming mice, or the MX Master, which is WAAAAY out of my price range

  12. 2 minutes ago, AllHokage said:

    Just saying the lower the DPI, the more accurate the tracking will be!


    Mouses with crazy DPI rates are normally made to draw people into thinking they are better for gaming.


    Logitech mouses are always good for gaming (Logitech G502), along with steel series (Rival).

    Again, im not using the high DPIs for gaming, but rather for navigating the screen faster when working. its a tested and proven workflow for me, so i dont plan on changing that.

    ill check if anyone here carries steelseries

  13. 1 minute ago, AyyLmfao said:

    G502. No contest. It has the best sensor out there. Although why do you need 4000DPI? That's too much. I personally use 400dpi. And for my CSGO settings, 2.2 sens.

    I dont play fps'. I like high sensitivity, because it allows me faster access to every tool when i do cad work. The amount of stuff there is too much for keyboard shortcuts. 

    As far as the G502 goes, its 80€ here. now if someone were to give me 30€, id buy it immediately. this way, im a bit reserved to throw that much money into a mouse :/

  14. Ok so my mouse finally gave in completely :(

    I use palm grip, have medium to large sized hands. need the mouse to be reasonably good resolution (4000DPI +-) but should go down lower too. max budget is 50€.


    So far ive been looking at the G302 from Logitech, and the Gigabyte XM300 (which is cheaper at 37€), as well as a discounted Roccat Kiro for 49. 

    Any other suggestions?

  15. 10 hours ago, Mrjenson said:

    That processor is £300 I have around £500 budget. maybe you confused the £ gbp with usd? 

    no, but if you buy the 5820k, you have 200£ left. you need to buy a motherboard and RAM for it. no way to fit that in...

  16. 1 minute ago, colonel_mortis said:

    The link URL doesn't match the text, which means you copied it as rich text from somewhere else. It only autoembeds if you paste a raw URL, either by copying from your URL bar or the share link box, or by right clicking on a link and clicking "copy link location".

    words xD i figured its something wrong with the link, since i copied from fb