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  1. Alive. *taunts 2016*

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      one can only take so much Penis jokes before he dies, DP LukaP

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    4. JoaoPRSousa
  2. The night manager is fucking amazing. If you are into spy dramas, this is for you. Great story, amazing casting, awesome screenplay... What else does a man need from a TV show. :D

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    2. thekeemo


      use opera on turbo mode

      life saver

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      Hannibal is a very nice TV show.

  3. I am a moron, thank you
  4. Im making a messaging server and client in python for uni. We have to implement SSL/TLS encryption. So i use this code to create a context, but come up with a problem when i try to pass certificate and key files to it def setup_SSL_context(): #uporabi samo TLS, ne SSL context = ssl.SSLContext(ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1) # certifikat je obvezen context.verify_mode = ssl.CERT_REQUIRED #nalozi svoje certifikate context.load_cert_chain(certfile="luka.pem", keyfile="lukakey.pem") # the line that confuses python # nalozi certifikate CAjev (samopodp. cert.= svoja CA!) context.load_v
  5. anyone wants to buy CIV5 for me, its 12$ on g2a apparently

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    2. DevilishBooster


      CS:GO? Get repetitive? After almost 4 years of being played to death my millions? Nooooooooo....



    3. DevilishBooster


      *by* millions

      I am having some real issues with typing this week....

    4. thekeemo


      Always dust 2 

      Always awp ak or m4

  6. Dont worry, the syntax is almost the same, apart from the print statement/function. But you do get more features (iirc 2.7 is the last python 2), guaranteed working on most systems that arent windows (linux and OSX come with python 3.4), and (not sure if my memory serves me right on this) faster exectution.
  7. Best thing about it, the store fucked up, and i got the G502 spectrum, which wasnt on sale, for the price of the normal G502 which was on sale
  8. Got the G502 on a sale, was 65€. so far, quite happy with it
  9. OK so your hand is just as big as mine, except that you claw and i palm. I think ill go for it
  10. how big are your hands, wrist to fingertips? (if i may ask) and how is the comfort with that size
  11. yeah it was awkward... what do you mean with buttons not being as nice on the 502?
  12. I dont like that many buttons on my mouse (or atleast being placed in a grid) and the G600 is a really awkward shape for my hand for some reason. i just cant seem to grab it right.
  13. The rival is the same price as the G502, so id rather get the Logitech Cant get the Mionix here... Ive tried the 303 at a store, and didnt really like the shape that much, but it has great specs for the price, so i was kinda eyeing it anyway Ive liked the low humped Kova, but ive never had a problem with mice having high humps, so thats not really a factor for me I can get the Zowie FK1 but its also 80€, so again, rather take the G502...
  14. i had the Kova+ from Roccat, i really enjoyed the shape, but did miss the side scrolling and a few more buttons i had on my previous logitech mouse (i dont remember the name) also i reccomend you ignore the circlejerk and it will go away
  15. Mid/Large hands and palm grip ^^
  16. Alright, i guess ill splash out on the G502, and not eat for a month or something
  17. yeah but i cant do that on the fly really. its nice and convenient when one can do it with a click of a button on a mouse (i dont even see how the DPI is such a problem, most mice ive seen have sensors that do waaay over 3500-4000 i use, i just mentioned it so i dont get the ones really focused on CSGO)
  18. I play my fair share of games. Mass Effect (well not anymore, waiting on the new one), Deus Ex, SWTOR/KOTOR, Fallout 4,... It just seems that if one wants a high quality mouse one needs to look at gaming mice, or the MX Master, which is WAAAAY out of my price range
  19. Again, im not using the high DPIs for gaming, but rather for navigating the screen faster when working. its a tested and proven workflow for me, so i dont plan on changing that. ill check if anyone here carries steelseries
  20. I dont play fps'. I like high sensitivity, because it allows me faster access to every tool when i do cad work. The amount of stuff there is too much for keyboard shortcuts. As far as the G502 goes, its 80€ here. now if someone were to give me 30€, id buy it immediately. this way, im a bit reserved to throw that much money into a mouse
  21. Ok so my mouse finally gave in completely I use palm grip, have medium to large sized hands. need the mouse to be reasonably good resolution (4000DPI +-) but should go down lower too. max budget is 50€. So far ive been looking at the G302 from Logitech, and the Gigabyte XM300 (which is cheaper at 37€), as well as a discounted Roccat Kiro for 49. Any other suggestions?
  22. no, but if you buy the 5820k, you have 200£ left. you need to buy a motherboard and RAM for it. no way to fit that in...
  23. Yes, but you cant hang something on a wall, without some damage. either a nail/screw, or glue