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Blog Entries posted by LukaP

  1. LukaP
    He said... He lied... :(

    Sorry for the lack of updated mates, but ive literally been so occupied with work that i didnt have any time to work on this. But i have good news :D Ive had some time today, and ive rethought the PSU and front fans mounting method. So i came up with this thing. The solid plate glues to the inside left side panel, with the fans separating the PSU from the motherboard area. I plan on making the holes for the cables in the "fan side" so they come out more or less flush with the motherboard. hopefully there will be a few more days of less work so i can finish this :D

    Anyway, here is the thingy thing

    (as always, all the pictures can be found in the Album, and Here is the GrabCAD link to the model) 
    Source: [G SIX] LukaP's Mac Pro G5 Log [Phase: Cutting it up]
  2. LukaP
    Woot look at this...


    Managed to "aquire" some tools from my dads workshop on saturday, so Sunday brings you this!

    Please do excuse the terrible phone picture quality :(

    Source: [G SIX] LukaP's Mac Pro G5 Log [Phase: Cutting it up]
  3. LukaP
    First off, thanks for taking a look at this, means a lot. :)
    Recently, i have acquired Apple's Mac Pro Gen5 case, which i have wanted for ages. My plan is to custom fabricate a new back I/O plate and the motherboard tray, to make it fit an (m)ATX board, and its expansion. I wish to make a mod worthy good enough that i can ask for sponsorship from companies to be able to fit it with hardware as good as the case itself is. ^_^

  4. LukaP

    Exciting day here at the LukaP residence! Guess what part just arrived on a friggin saturday evening? :D
    (sorry i had to use a relatively high f-stop, the lighting isnt exactly great)

    And as always, the entire album is found here
    Source: [G SIX] LukaP's Mac Pro G5 Log [Phase: Taking it apart]
  5. LukaP

    With some help from my brother, we got the outer shell and the inner shell apart today, so after cleaning, it will be ready for cutting and painting :)
    Outer part

    Inner part

    Source: [G SIX] LukaP's Mac Pro G5 Log [Phase: Taking it apart]
  6. LukaP
    Got the backplate finished in Solidworks (apart from the name). Its ATX (7 PCIe ports) with one 120mm fan, and the hole for the power cable left untouched ;)

    Source: LukaP's Mac Pro G5 Log [Phase: Cleaning and stripping]
  7. LukaP

    I got the T8 in the mail today, so what better use of the day than start dismantling the case :D
    Well, it didnt go smooth, firstly, the screws are damn tight, and hella loads of them... then they are obscured by stuff. in the end i had to prematurely pull out (heh) the midplate to gain access to the upper section, which ill do tomorrow morning.
    And alas, the pictures :D
    The little bugger we were all waiting for

    You can see the screws missing on the bottom side, as well as no midplate and drive bays :D
    The sidepanel, midplate and the locking bar mechanism thingy, taking a rest

    All of the screws and nuts nicely ordered in a... yes... yes it is.

    Source: [G SIX] LukaP's Mac Pro G5 Log [Phase: Taking it apart]