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    edschofield15 reacted to Tim Drake in LTT Storage Rankings   
    How the HELL have you used 70TB?! I'm guessing you record a lot of max quality lossless videos?
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    edschofield15 reacted to -iSynthesis in I'm stuck in the "old" days. Anyone else?   
    No, i like playing "old games" like some old gamecube games, other than that im completly "modern".
    I personally hate XP for life and think that vista was better.
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    edschofield15 reacted to totjup5 in your oldest cpu vs. your newest   
    Pentium 3, 4690k
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    edschofield15 reacted to TechOnTheTube in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    If you follow this link it will take you to my youtube channel and you can see my video of my rig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuMk6cw-OmY
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    edschofield15 reacted to coen113 in What's the Oldest Hardware in Your System right now?   
    Probably the psu or ram.
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    edschofield15 reacted to Altecice in Overclocking the 8320 multiplier strange issue   
    What PSU are you using? and what hardware. But reset back to defaults for now before the low voltage kills your system.
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    edschofield15 reacted to dragoon20005 in which processor should i get for my new pc   
    maybe coz I am already used to how the UEFI works so I can breeze thur to change the settings
    while fan control isn't not on the fantastic side
    the main idea is to do OC for the RAM and CPU
    my desktop is using MSI board and they are still going strong
    Asus boards are great if you have the money, mid range I say its MSI followed by AsRock for low budget
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    edschofield15 reacted to flibberdipper in what CPU   
    An FX-6300, a Gigabyte motherboard, and a 650Ti would be a good home theater.
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    edschofield15 reacted to AdamIsaacLang in Tek Syndicate Audio Myths with @MayflowerElectronics   
    It's that most audio cards suck until you get into the really high end stuff like the Xonar Essence STX but for nearly the same price you can get a much better external solution like the Objective2 + ODAC.
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from CM Norumu in I'm looking for a very specific case   
    Cooler Master N400 matches your requirements, and quite inexpensive.
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from Legend666 in has anyone used ''intel smart storage'' to set SSD for cache?   
    I use it on my laptop. It works well but I am considering going fully SSD
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    edschofield15 reacted to Andrew48 in Personal rig modded on the cheap   
    Thank you.  I will add a window sometime (dont have the tools yet). I might also buy some extensions from bitfenix for the 24pin and the pcie 6pin. I dont know if my psu can handle an overclock on the cpu as I am planning on overclocking my gpu. We will see...
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from TheSLSAMG in What is the best Sandy Bridge CPU for the money?   
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    edschofield15 reacted to marto in APU and New Motherboard   
    A75, A85 or A85x, Anything that supports the 5800k will support the 6800k
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    edschofield15 reacted to sonarctica in Work for 15 years old?   
    Instead of asking for a job on the forums, go look for one. They don't come to you, you go to them.
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    edschofield15 reacted to Nort in Kerbal Space Program   
    Yep, also adds mission control (Unusable atm) and the recruitment center (You can see the Kerbals who've died and the ones who are on missions as well as recruit new Kerbals).
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    edschofield15 reacted to FireFox in AMDlost 74 Million :'(   
    Stop with this 5.0GHz bullshit and charging $800 for it, that isn't the way to fight back
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    edschofield15 reacted to everything count to life in The Ugliest Tech Products   
    Why do people hate the poseidon so much I think it looks really good
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    edschofield15 reacted to joelthezombie15 in Intel Next Generation Broadwell CPUs Delayed.   
    What are TIGER POINTS's?
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from Zahkyto in Torn between cases.   
    I'd go for the 800D or 900D
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from nokturrduk84 in What RAM to pick?   
    I would get the 2x8GB kit, so that in the future you will have room to upgrade to 32GB
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from OneGun in What is the best case?   
    I use the CM Storm Stryker in my own rig. But I also like the phantom 630, define r4, 900d and haf xb
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from MPX309 in What RAM to pick?   
    I would get the 2x8GB kit, so that in the future you will have room to upgrade to 32GB
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    edschofield15 got a reaction from MarcusLauk in What RAM to pick?   
    I would get the 2x8GB kit, so that in the future you will have room to upgrade to 32GB