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  1. Most of the Pc's I've build, I don't own. I used to work for a company that sold custom pc's.
  2. Default IP of that router should be Try typing that into your web browser.
  3. Never had a problem with ebuyer, but overclockers give you haribo.
  4. Nice One. Which 750ti are you giving away.
  5. Samsung 840 EVO 250GB £104.90 (Usually £125) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00E391OX6
  6. For pure gaming the i7 is just unnecessary so just get the i5.
  7. Hero is defiantly the better board. But you can't go wrong with Asrock for a budget board.
  8. Is your PC over clocked? If it is, is it 100% stable?
  9. Windows wouldn't have to be ported as long as the new manufacturer was using x86/64 architecture. Also ARM isn't a CPU manufacturer it's an architecture.
  10. Its probably reporting that your WD Green is a SATA 3.0 capable drive, not that is or isn't running at SATA 3.0
  11. TYPO i meant 7970 I could do that, but I only have around £450 to spend Don't have anything like teamviewer installed, tryed re-installing drivers and still no luck.
  12. Hi I am wondering which is better. I currently have a refrence R9 290x in my system, but due to quite serious driver problems that are causing me to only be able to play games an windowed mode I am selling the card. I need to know if xfire 280x/7970GHz will be as powerful or mode powerful(where I am they cost about the same as one 290x). I will be playing games at 1080p but am expenting to upgrade to 1440p when my Dell U2713HM. Thanks
  13. I think that the simplest way to do this would be to unplug the TV when you arnt using it.
  14. The Rampage IV Extreme is a great board, but you may as well go with the black edition, with that being the newer model.
  15. I'd say FX-6300 is best for low end Price to Performance ratio
  16. You should check in the nvidia driver that PhysX is not on the CPU, you should set it to the 2nd GPU.
  17. They should operate at the speed that the SATA ports they are plugged into are running at.
  18. It took me forever to overclock my 3770k on this board, I couldn't get any more that 4.5 out of a CPU that I know can get 4.8 on other boards. they seem like quite bad overclocking boards to me, bit disappointing due to these being supposed overclocking oriented boards.
  19. The properties windows will only how the base clock of the CPU, when you overclock the CPU you are overclocking the turbo frequency. Use CPU-Z to monitor the CPU frequency.
  20. Cooler Master N400 matches your requirements, and quite inexpensive.