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  • CPU
    Fx 6300
  • Motherboard
    ASUS M5A78l-M Plus/Usb3
  • RAM
    8 gb
  • GPU
    Rx 560
  • Case
    Eclipse p350x
  • Storage
    1 tb WD HDD
  • PSU
    450w Bronze

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  1. It's also in the bios though. I set it at 2400 just to see what it says and it still says 800mhz per stick.
  2. I bought a new motherboard for my fx 6300 and it won't let me oc my ram it is stuck on 800mhz in dual channel mode( which means it is 1600?) I try to oc to 1866 like my old motherboard and in windows it reads 800. I also tried 2000 and it still says 800. I tried taking one one for single channel and it still says 800. New motherboard is asrock 970a-g/3.1. my old one is asus m5a78l-m plus/usb3
  3. Alright thank you. I really don't want to get another gpu. Thanks
  4. I have an fx 6300, Asus m5a78l-m plus/USB 3, rx 560d 2gb and 450 bronze EVGA PSU. I recently purchased a rx 5500 xt however I learned that it didn't support my legacy motherboard. Im thinking about a used gtx 1060 6gb on eBay. Does gtx 1060 work with legacy motherboards like mine? I am in the process of returning my rx 5550xt. Thanks.
  5. I am looking into buying ram for a Dell optiplex 790. Online I found this 2gb stick. eBay: Ramaxel 2GB PC3-10600U DDR3-1333MHz Desktop Memory RMR1870EF48E8W-1333 . I am planning on buying 4 sticks in total for 8 gb and take all slots. I heard that some ram sticks do not work on some Intel motherboards and don't want to buy more ram.
  6. Ok thanks. I will just look for another motherboard.
  7. So I couldn't install it in a PC case? The listing states it is micro atx
  8. I have an i5 2500 and looking to build a cheap PC. I found a motherboard from eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202503704184 in dells Manual it supports a core i5 series. I don't know if it it is compatible.
  9. I broke my Galaxy s4 screen and i cant see anything and all I want to do is use it on the tv. I have never used a micro usb to HDMI adapter before so I don't know if i need to go into settings to configure it. I'm looking for a cheap 2 to 3 dollar adapter that doesn't need the screen on to configure it.
  10. I broke a iphone 5s while replacing the screen, I made sure it was working, and it was working so I put in the bracket covering the connectors for the LCD and the digitizer and put the camera and home button on and closed the phone. After that the iphone would not turn on but was stuck at the spple logo. I cleaned the connectors and cleaned the power connectors but continued to not work and this time no logo and a black screen. I hooked it up to itunes and "restored" it. But nothing happened. What did it mess up?
  11. I broke my screen on my iphone 5s and bought a replacement LCD screen and digitizer, and followed all the steps on how to replace the screen. I turned the phone on and the apple logo pops up but as soon as I let go the apple disappeared on the screen. I held the power button for over 1 minute with no luck.
  12. It can use 8gb. Does the highlighted area say that i can mix and match ram sizes?
  13. So if I use that stick with a 8gb stick from another brand will they work?
  14. I was going to search the part number but on my computer it was blurry. I really appreciate it. Thank you all.