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    DJHoro reacted to Misanthrope in AdBlock Plus being sued by German Companies   
    Only youtubers and website hosts dislike adblock, the rest of the world had just about enough of pop ups, full volume video adds and even flatout malware infested adds over 10 years ago.
    Sell some tshirts, get a patreon account, subbable.com or whatever, just don't expect me to run without adblock anything.
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    DJHoro reacted to qwertywarrior in AdBlock Plus being sued by German Companies   
    I personally wish add block will always exist, but that's just me
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    DJHoro reacted to Lays in 780 6GB worth $570   
    When you're hitting near 3gb, you're already looking at 20-40 FPS with 780 SLI, adding 3gb won't help that if the card can barely maintain playable framerates at 3gb.
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    DJHoro reacted to Lays in 780 6GB worth $570   
    There is no "necessity" of 6gb of vram when running SLI, I had 780 SLI for 8 months, and not once would I have benefited from having 6gb instead of 3gb. When I was near 3gb of use, games were becoming laggy and slow, from my cards not being fast enough to render out all the images.
    The cards aren't nearly fast enough to have playable FPS when using over 3gb, unless you decide to buy 3-4 cards.
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    DJHoro reacted to Lays in 3gb or 6gb 280x for triple monitors?   
    It doesn't drop until the vram completely hits the limit, at which case you'd have 5-10 FPS, when I said 5760x1080 barely used 3gb, I mean that I hit the limit in crysis 3, completely maxed out at 5760x1080 with the highest AA. I had 5 fps because of the usage.  Turning down the AA one setting, it was back to ~30-40 fps rather than 5-10.
    @Faa can go into more detail about the scientifics, he was talking about it in a thread the other day.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from BiG StroOnZ in RAM - 1600 MHz vs 1833 MHz   
    Damn I didn't realize higher frequency ram got so cheap. 
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    DJHoro got a reaction from Lays in Is Dual GTX 760's Worth it?   
    sigh* ok. you win. Sorry for not believing you. Don't want to make this thread any more off topic.
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    DJHoro reacted to BiG StroOnZ in RAM - 1600 MHz vs 1833 MHz   
    Problem with people recommending 1600MHz memory is that 2400MHz memory costs about the same and does offer additional performance. There are games that take advantage of higher speed memory as well. Here's 8GB of G.Skill Ripjaws X 2400MHz for $80
    Also, for the record:
    1) Faster memory costs the same, there is no difference in price between 1600MHz to 2400MHz. If there is it's give or take a few dollars. Because of this fact getting the slower memory is entirely nonsensical.

    2) Going from simply 1600MHz to 2133MHz memory just from doing daily tasks on the desktop has simply felt much faster than 1600MHz memory. This is from startup to shut down. Opening files, folders, programs. Any type of encoding. Extracting .zip or .rar files. Moving files, copying files. All were much faster than 1600MHz. Game FPS went up by a noticeable amount. What is most intriguing is the minimum fps. Meaning when you are gaming sometimes the framerates drop. Having faster memory has increased my minimum framerates by a quite noticeable amount. Meaning when you do drop in framerates it's not nearly as bad as it could be if you were to have slower memory.

    3) Did I mention faster memory costs no more than 1600MHz? Yeah, I think I did. So why in the world would you buy a 1600MHz kit today when they cost the same exact price as 2133 or 2400MHz kits. There is no point in doing so.

    Faster memory has benefits in games and many daily computing tasks; the difference is quite noticeable too. This idea of faster memory not being beneficial is just heresy from word of mouth that gets dragged on continually from one person to another because of old outdated tests that are irrelevant at this point. If faster memory didn't do anything we would all still be using DDR2 or DDR or even 1333MHz DDR3. We aren't because faster memory has proven to be beneficial. If it wasn't there would be no need to move to the next generation of memory. Why move to DDR4 like what is going to be the next generation of memory movement? Why, because it will have more bandwidth and thus be faster. There are going to be other benefits but mainly it's going to be a great deal faster. Point being, memory evolves and frequency is an important factor.

    Here's some tests from other users and a test done by Corsair with BF4:


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    DJHoro reacted to loccilucas in SLI users tell me...   
    thats not true if its an upgrade, I currently have a 660ti in my pc and plan on upgrading to SLI soon, it will cost around£150 for another 660ti which will deliver better than 780 performamce, and to me, that sounds alot better than spending £400 on a 780.
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    DJHoro reacted to Peka_ in [UPDATED with a working 60 FPS video] YouTube is getting 48 and 60 FPS support and a tip jar   
    Inb4 someone doesn't read the JK part and rages at you or something.
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    DJHoro reacted to Generallee in SLI users tell me...   
    U so fancy n sophisticated with yall 770's n 780's

    spoiler : it doesn't work
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    DJHoro got a reaction from dalekphalm in Watch_Dogs patch removes compatibility with the worse mod   
    I feel like everyone's ignoring this on purpose.         #BlindedByRage
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    DJHoro got a reaction from Mincygrape in Watch_Dogs patch removes compatibility with the worse mod   
    I feel like everyone's ignoring this on purpose.         #BlindedByRage
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    DJHoro got a reaction from elecxonica in Google Teasing Android 5.0   
    What I Want to see:
    -  A smarter Google now.
    -  Full implementation of Art instead of Dalvik. I like the increased speed.
    -  A Way to adjust Color tone natively. The screen on my phone is too warm for me (HTC one Max) would like it to be a little cooler.
    -  More options for tweaking/improving audio sound quality. Not an equalizer but more like Oversampling or something.
    -  Desktop mode maybe? If Companies keep making android laptops or dockable tablet keyboards then maybe its time for a desktop mode.
    -  A Native tether without needing to pay companies a subscription fee. We should be able to choose what we do with our data.
    I had more but I cant remember.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from theroflcopta in (US) Refurbished Gigabyte 650 Ti Boost Windforce 2GB 115$ New Egg   
    From the benchmarks I've seen they perform pretty similar in games. The 650 Ti boost has an 192 bit memory bus vs the 750 Ti's 128 Bit and much higher memory bandwidth. The 750 Ti also cant SLI. The 750 Ti does use way less power and produces much less heat though (not that the 650 ti boost runs hot. the 750 ti is just that cool). To each his own I guess.
    Edit: I just realized you were referring to a regular 650 Ti and not the Boost. The 650 Ti and 650 Ti Boosts are completely different cards. The Boost is actually more of a watered down 660 than a fixed up 650 Ti. Infact specs have you believe that the 650 Ti Boost IS a 660 with less cores.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from bbqsauce in Noctua NH-D15 Review: Retaking The Cooling Performance Crown   
    Although the Noctua NH-D15 does keep cpu temps cooler than some AIO liquid coolers, wont case ambient tempreatures be higher since the air is just beeing blown into it? I think I would rather trade off a few degrees for cooler case temps.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from brownninja97 in TITAN BLACK + ACX COOLER = titan black with a acx cooler.....   
    OP has Jokes.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from RubyRoks in Random SLI Question   
    As long as they are both GTX 460s then yes. They will run with the lower cards vram/clock speeds though. In this case your limited to 768MB of ram.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from Jesmund in 780, 780 Ti, 770 4GB SLI?   
    a 780 Ti will not outperform a 770 in SLI. The major downsides for SLI 770s are Power consumption, Heat and memory bandwidth. For 1080p though the bandwidth is more than enough. 
    if you want highest performance for the money than a 770 SLI > a 780 Ti but if you get a 780 Ti you can always SLI in the future (Expensive). SLI can have more problems than a single card solution but with Most AAA title games this isnt much of an issue. I haven't heard of any modern demanding game that doesn't support SLI. Just know that there will be some games where SLI wont scale properly and sometimes you need to wait for Nvidia to release SLI drivers to even utilize a second card (usually doesn't take long).
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    DJHoro got a reaction from Dive5885 in Will it bottleneck ?   
    Just get a faster gpu. Just because your cpu is bottlenecking a gpu doesnt mean you wont see improvements. It just means the gpu is being held back a bit. upgrading gpus will still show improvements especially going from low end to high end. Your cpu isnt THAT slow. So 4Ghz is the fastest it will overclock? are you running stock voltage?
    Edit: Well I mean a slow cpu wont show improvements on GPU upgrades but in this case your fine.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from ACatWithThumbs in DirectX 12 to be Unveiled at GDC 2014   
    I dont think DX12 will come out with windows 9 or why would they announce it now? It will probably be a in a Windows 8.2 update or something but, like DirectX 11.2, Im willing to bet you're gonna need the newest version of windows. I just hope we dont need new graphic cards to utilize DX12. Probably wishful thinking though. (crosses fingers)
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    DJHoro got a reaction from dale_ranchero in Memory questions/issues [G1.Sniper Z87 w/ 8GB G.Skill Sniper]   
    dont set your ram voltage/timing/frequency manually unless you know what you are doing. Bios automatically sets ram to lower speeds. To run it at rated speed you need to enable the XMP profile in bios. That should load up the rated speeds and voltage for the ram.
    Edit: if you're still having problems try updating your motherboards bios. Theres also a chance that one of your sticks is bad too so I would run a memory checker.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from dalekphalm in Windows PC (Dell) version of the MBPr 15   
    Sorry I meant the high end model of its line. Not Dells actual flagship models. I should have been more clear and it was late lol. The links are for the highest end inspiron and XPS dell has on their site.
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    DJHoro got a reaction from simson0606 in which dell aio is better   
    The 1,398.99 one has a 750m which is much better than a 640m  but thats still a bit above your budget
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    DJHoro got a reaction from KunLibertad in my GPU is 33C at idle and 75c at full load, is that normal?   
    if you're worried about temps, you can always try putting new thermal compound on the gpu. Should lower it a few degrees.