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  1. So I had this phone for around 3 years give or take. It’s been working fine ever since I’ve gotten it and only had 1 battery replacement (new battery is oem) done by Luis Rossman ship around a year ago. so today out of no where my phone suddenly started heating up (under normal use) and slowing down. Should I update to the latest version and hope that the software was the problem or is this some apple shinnangings?
  2. yes you can, make sure in the bios that the M.2 is set as the boot drive
  3. GPU was around 224 GBP MOBO around 120 (i think) ram around 40 CPU around 165-200 Total : 509-544 I got them back when 4th gen was released so im not 100% sure about the prices of those but the GPU price is the correct one
  4. I5 4960K OC to 4.2 CoolerMaster 212 EVO GTX 1660 Ti 16GB HyperX fury 1866 (2X8) MSI Z97S SLI Plus Corsair RMi750W 500gb 2.5 WD Blue SSD 4TB Seagate Barracuda HDD 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD some random cheap coolermaster case (i think k275) is its name not sure though
  5. you can see here how much even one of the best cpu's of the AM3 sock (fx-8350) with your GPU and it massivly bottleneck it https://www.gpucheck.com/gpu/amd-radeon-rx-580/amd-fx-8350-eight-core/ Either look around for used 4th gen intel CPU's or look into 2nd gen Ryzen CPU's if you want to remain AMD(prices went down since ryzen 3rd gen released).
  6. just thought if you'd go with a new CPU you will need new ram since everything is on DDR4 now. if you want to keep your ram i think DD3 went up to the 4th gen of intel core series. AMD cpu's are really not that great before the ryzen launch
  7. get your self a new cpu as the old FX series is... Bad. but that also means new MOBO and ram
  8. go for a 7200 RPM HDD if possible, it makes a decent deference in load times
  9. i'd say go for a 650 watt PSU and get ur self a mechanical hard drive as games these days are too big and 500gb is not enough
  10. So i recieved the adaptors and tried them out they work. i also grabbed a different one from a company called trands which was over double the price of the amazon basic one. Both are working fine but the colors are a bit off on both... since i the trands once seems like a high quality one that might be a common thing with the adapters unfortunately but im not sure
  11. check if the cooler is properly mounted or if the thermal paste application is good. your temps should be lower
  12. i would say look into emulating retro games that you totally own