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  1. Thanks! Software development is hard, so I understand. Have a good holidays!
  2. @SansVarnic @colonel_mortis @Whiskers Here is another topic discussing the "Potet" Channel I found as well.
  3. Yea, I noticed that as well. At first I did the calculation and thought it would only be an accidental $16.36 CAD charge (as of the exchange rate right now), but found it was over $2000! Had a mini heart attack! I have a feeling nobody should be able to see this "Potet" channel as it's only video was a tutorial on subscribing. Seems like a test account for development?
  4. Hi all! I've stumbled upon a very weird glitch on Floatplane (at least, I hope it's a glitch!). And before anyone asks, yes I've contacted Floatplane support and am still waiting for a reply. I recently saw on Floatplane that there was a 4th creator added called “Potet”. I was curious and decided to view it. Not knowing that there wasn’t any further verification before subscribing, I pressed “purchase” and it automatically subscribed me. Thinking this wasn’t a big deal, I went and cancelled my subscription right away. However, my problem is that my credit card statemen