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    Since my early teens I have been involved with computers, both professionally and privately. I like hardware, however I am not very compatible with software
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    Quality Specialist for an ISP


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    AMD Ryzen 1700
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    MSI X370 Gaming Carbon Pro
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB FTW Hybrid Gaming
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    Antec NineHundred
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    Western Digital Black SSD PCIe 512GB, Kingston Technology SSDNow M.2 SATA G2 Drive - SSD - 120GB
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    Corsair H110i

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  1. I have one myself, but i use it in combination with a goxlr, so can't really test what i'm suggesting. But the dock has a line out. So i'm geussing if its not an on / off feature, it is atleast a passthrough
  2. Gday Scottie, I feel your pain, i have been struggling with the same question, and eventually came to the conclusion i'm sticking with 2 seperate builds. The main reason is that there is always a tradeoff in dual system cases. A Dual PSU with a Dual system case is near impossible to obtain (or so it seems), which means you'll have to buy a dual system psu. With a 3080 in the planning, that also means the 1000watt version won't be enough, so getting the phanteks 1600 will cost quite a bit, i think i would have to pay almost 300 bucks for it. Next to the cost
  3. For internet purposes i agree with above statements. However, there are some IoT applications you might not be able to use if your WiFi is on a different Subnet from your Ethernet (which is fairly common). In that case you might want to use it simultaniously.
  4. Thanks for your contribution. and totally understand where you are comming from. For me however, i only have 2 users, if my better half is going to use it at all, we will most likely watch things together. Without the DVR option, i don't see any bonus to being able to track progress seperately.
  5. @CELERIC07Aha right. Yeah DVR not an option, there is no such thing as 'free over the air' broadcasts anymore. Its all encrypted. Parental controls - no need Mobile sync - no need (also i don't have any limits on my mobile data) Premium Music Features - Spotify works just fine Premium Photolibraries - i only sync those as means of a backup Hardware-accelerated streaming - so far haven't had issues, but this is a maybe Bandwith and transcoding limits - since its in a docker i can already control these things, and with 500/500 fiber connection, not really an i
  6. The DVR is really a no go for me, as i'm in europe / holland. And i'm about to switch to an ITV provider (ip / Vlan based). I can't 'just' install a tuner to use that feature (unfortunately). What you mean with the music and bandwidth limitation?
  7. Gday all, As i can't seem to get my answers elsewhere, i'm hoping the community here can help me. Recently i installed unraid, with pihole, teamspeak and a few other things, loving it. Among those other things is plex to stream my media. Now plex has a lifetime pass discount, but i really don't see the value in it. I only use plex in my home environment, i don't use it to share to friends nor stream to my phone when not at home. Also don't have any children so do not need parental control. What are other benefits that would push me to pur
  8. I geuss no one has an idea? If not, ill just close this query in a bit.
  9. i am aware off this. That's why i'm puzzled, why does it say its not connected to USB 3 when i connect it to the usb-c 3.2 port, while it does work with a usb-c to a adapter?
  10. Gday all, So for a while now i've had a streamcam, awesome cam, but than again i don't have much to compare to. However, i seem to be having one issue. Ever since i bought it, i have had it connected to the pc via an USB switch with a USB-C to A converter. I can use 1080p at 60fps with it, and had no issues. Now however, i have no more actual need for the USB switch, so figured i would plug it directly into my USB-C header on the back of the mainboard. Low and behold, it works . . . sort off. It refuses to run at 60fps. When opening the logitech cam
  11. Seems to have been solved, lowering the streaming resolution and lowering the bitrate.
  12. Good day all, Couldn't find an area specific for streaming, and since pc gaming comes closest, i figured i'd post here. So, friend of mine is experience an issue, where during streaming his cam blurrs out, like it suddenly drops resolution. He experiences this issue both with a C922 and a Streamcam. Both directly connected to the mainboard eliminating any types of hubs. Tested it with both OBS and SLOBS (running in admin mode). Have adjusted both playing resolution from 1440p to 1080p, as setting cam from 1080@60 to 480@30 and any cam setting in between. Used
  13. So, i 'finished' my list. i'm honestly digging the Define 7 XL, but from what i can tell it won't support a 2nd system. Entho pro / luxe 2 com ein a close 2nd due to price primarily. The other cases really are too large or appear to be too large, since i'm working with AIO's. So i'm geussing the choice is going to be . . . the silence of the Define 7 XL vs Dual system support of the Enthoo. . . decisions. Brand Case Price E-ATX ATX M-ATX M-ITX Dual PSU Dual butt
  14. i hope more ppl add to it too aye. it's kind of hard to search for them. I haven't found a comparison site at all yet that has a filter specifically for this.
  15. so, maybe its just me . . . But . . . anyone have experience with an AIO in one of the larger cases? Like the enthoo pro / luxe 2. a 240 aio for the cpu fits just fine in the top. But adding a evga hybrid like i have, doesn't seem to have the reach needed to be mounted somewhere (granted its a 120mm which would fit in rear exhaust, but the 30 series are rumored / confirmed to have 240 rads). Aside of the bottom which is a no go if you want to use that space for an ITX board.