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  1. Essentially that, they cut things, modern machines can cut everything from paper to vynl, and in some cases leather and even wood (to a point). They are used mainly by small businesses, but Cricut are targeted towards the everyday crafter. Their cutting machines allow you to cut things more precisely, allowing for better, more Intricate designs than using traditional crafting techniques. (I hope this explains it lol)
  2. Summary Cricut recently announced changes to their policy, expecting users to pay $10 a month for unlimited uploads, Which cannot be stored locally. Free users will be limited to 20 uploads a month. A lot of projects use 5 or 6+ uploads, severely limiting the use of the machines for free users. Previously crafters only needed to pay for access to cricuts images and projects. Storing locally is not an option without also using their cloud storage. Some users are attempting legal action against cricut. In the hopes of forcing the company to reverse their decision, or at least
  3. Entry number: 6232 Sniperpaul296 should be GamerGeckoGeek. Thanks
  4. Six months into a three year contract Ibrahim Diallo access card stopped working, assuming it needed replacing, he was given access by security and assured a new one would be issued by his manager. However after arriving to work again the next day, he was escorted from his desk by security, and there was nothing he or his manager could do, he was fired and that is all they knew, A new system had tagged him as an ex employee after an old manager forgot to add his new contract to the new system.He eventually got his job "back" after 3 weeks, but has subsequently decided to find a new one.. Full
  5. until

    yup lol It's why I rarely catch it, It is nice to interact though
  6. until

    00:30 - 01:00am ish* I managed to catch it live last week lol but be prepared to wait, they rarely start on time P
  7. Was about to suggest the same thing, you can choose to keep folders, files etc but will have to re-install all your programs/games
  8. Have you tried a virus scan? If that doesn't work try a system restore to before you installed the program.
  9. Same happened to me, reset all my settings, apps etc, it even removed a couple of my programs, it was more like a fresh install
  10. If someone wants to re-post it properly, they are more than welcome, I just thought it was interesting.
  11. IBM Researchers believe this new prototype technology will enable ultra-dense, low-power, and massively parallel computing systems that are especially useful for AI applications. The researchers tested the new architecture using an unsupervised machine-learning algorithm running on one million phase change memory (PCM) devices, successfully finding temporal correlations in unknown data streams. Original article http://www.kurzweilai.net/ibm-scientists-say-radical-new-in-memory-computing-architecture-will-speed-up-computers-by-200-times
  12. as stated in my original post, it could be whatever the community decides, off the top of my head it could be say build a pc from an actual scrapyard (probably not possible), that's what would make it interesting because you never know what people are going to suggest, there could also be a forfeit if they fail etc.
  13. I hereby challenge Linus (and crew) to take on some viewers or forum members challenges, the community creates them, maybe they go to a vote and then you have to complete the challenge, whether it's building outrageous systems, or basically whatever the community decides (within reason). Will bring more viewers to the channels and more to the forums (forum exclusive challenges?). Anyway, let me know what you think.