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  1. Schnoz

    My new network card came recently!     It uses…

    @Windows7ge I don't have much experience setting up Linux systems, so I may not know how to configure a bootable Ubuntu drive. The process would be to download an ISO and put it on a flash drive with Rufus like HBCD, right?
  2. Schnoz

    My new network card came recently!     It uses…

    @Windows7ge Yeah, I bought them to replace my aging WD My Net USB adapter. That thing was never actually commercially released (my parents used to work at WD) and the latest drivers were released for Windows 7. I have not yet run it on a different OS, and I'm currently using Windows 10 Pro Education (somehow) 2004. @Bombastinator Yeah, the antennae felt suspiciously light when screwing them on. Do you think I should get new antennas?
  3. Companies naming most of their products:

    - AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

    - Nvidia RTX  3080

    - Team T-Force Vulcan 16 GB DDR4-2400

    - Dell Alienware R11

    - Sabrent Rocket 2 TB NVMe


    Companies naming their monitors:

    - Viotek GFV22CB

    - Acer KG241Q

    - Dell S2421HGF

    - Philips 272E1GSJ

    - Asus VG248QG


    "Hi, can I order the new Dell *summons demon*?"

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    2. dizmo


      @James Evens They all have model numbers that indicate what year they are. So. I don't see a huge issue with that. Consumer can't be arsed to find that out, it's their own fault.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      Razer Blade 15' 2016. There - fixed it. Include the year in the model name 😛 

    4. Letgomyleghoe


      who dare puts a 5950x with ddr4 2400, may they rot in hell.

  4. My new network card came recently!





    It uses the Intel AX200NGW network card. It got warm during testing, so I slapped a heatsink on  it:






    For  some reason though, I haven't noticed any improvement in network performance even after installing the correct drivers. My PC is around ten feet away from an Google Wifi cluster router,  and our house uses a Gigabit ethernet connection. What could be causing this problem? Tagging @Windows7ge on this.


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    2. Bombastinator


      Nah.  They’re probably as good as anything else.  They might not even have the wire go up all the way.  Wifi is pretty high freq.  whip antennas got popular for old school walkie talkies.  Those had several feet of wire all coiled up.  They were low freq compared to wifi though.  Even 2.4ghz is still ghz not MHz. Antenna length is a factor of wavelength.  There’s not a lot of point in having an antenna longer than a wavelength you are using, and those things are set up for each other.  Even a better antenna might not work as well.

      Edited by Bombastinator
    3. Schnoz


      @Windows7ge I don't have much experience setting up Linux systems, so I may not know  how to configure a bootable Ubuntu drive. The process would be to download an ISO and put it on a flash drive with Rufus like HBCD, right?

    4. Windows7ge


      Just now, Schnoz said:

      @Windows7ge I don't have much experience setting up Linux systems, so I may not know  how to configure a bootable Ubuntu drive. The process would be to download an ISO and put it on a flash drive with Rufus like HBCD, right?


  5. Can I delid this one too?





  6. Schnoz

            I didn't plan on making a SU today but…

    I love the ability to choose whether you want to follow a status update--that way, I won't be crushed by notifs if lots of people reply to a status I replied to early.
    1. Letgomyleghoe


      10/10 recommend, removed 5 minutes from my 10 mile time.

    2. Prodigy_Smit


      That is a fast way to see god. Everyone knows Mentos power cannot be contained.

  7. Santa: "Hello UK, what do you want as your present this year?"





    (Also, new status  update format. Nice.)


  8. me: awake  at 3 am







    1. Grumpy Old Man
    2. PCGuy_5960
    3. soldier_ph


      Me and my Brother have an inside joke right now where we both say Onions every time we see us during the day. He started with it probably because out of boredom and I just started doing it aswell 'cause Onions.

  9. I strongly recommend Spigen phone cases. I've had them for my (now dead) Mate 9 and  my current Pixel 3 XL. They're pretty  slim and don't add a lot of thickness to the phone, and they're some of the best cases I've witnessed at surviving impacts. I cannot tell you how many times I've dropped my phone, only to have that case save it.

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    2. WaggishOhio383


      @Letgomyleghoeyeah I learned my lesson about buying Otterbox cases a long time ago. They're way overpriced, usually make holding your phone feel like holding a brick, break super easily, and from my experience don't offer any more protection than a much cheaper low-profile case like Spigen.

    3. The_Vaccine


      I had one for my moto g5 plus and it survived a 9 ft drop. not a dent or scratch. 

      I am now using it on my samsung s10. 

    4. zeusthemoose


      Yeah I have gone through a few otterbox cases (never broken a device in them though) 

      Im currently using rhinoshield and so far it is holding up pretty well plus the ability to change parts and make it either a full back or just rim is pretty cool

  10. Protip: When requesting software services from or donating devices to my electronics repair organization, please take care to hide/delete anything heinous or disgusting. Neither me nor any other members of The  IT Club want to see your NSFW My Little Pony desktop wallpaper that induces involuntary projectile vomiting and bursting aneurysms. 


    BTW--the keyboard was sticky, and the inside was...also sticky. I wore gloves  on that one.

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    2. ProjectBox153


      To be honest, a MLP wallpaper that's NSFW doesn't sound that bad compared to some of the things I've found before. One customer of mine left a CD-R in their laptop that was filled with pictures of herself. 

    3. Schnoz


      @ProjectBox153Oooh, are we sharing stories now? I have two:


      - That same computer had a Word document solely consisting  of links to some of the most hideous pornography-related subreddits. I didn't click on the links, but...reading the names and brief descriptions  that  the owner left was almost traumatizing.


      - On a happier note (for me, at least), the previous owner of a donated laptop left a DVD  of a copy of  The Sims 3 in the disc drive.

    4. ProjectBox153


      I have some stories that I can't even share here as I would probably violate the community standards. When you work with computers that various people own you see a lot of stuff. On the bright side at least I've been able to find pictures for people from their broken computers. That's always nice. 

  11. My code: doesn't run





    My code: Actually runs




    1. The_Vaccine


      Code fails, me: why didn't it work??

      Code works, me: Why did it work this time???

    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Things get funny when you approach badly/not documented things and computational accuracy.

  12. Found this video--they basically put a Slotket in an original Xbox and slapped a 1.4 GHz Tuatlin  processor in it, as well as soldering on more memory:



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    2. Schnoz


      @Letgomyleghoe Do you have an OG Xbox 360 or a 360 S? If it's the original Xbox 360, it's more likely to be prone to overheating issues. I'd recommend a repasting for either model, but both models are difficult to open.

    3. Letgomyleghoe


      xbox 360 s, I didn't have the right size screwdriver to remove the cpu cooler so I couldn't do that,  but I pulled the whole thing apart and cleaned it out, It had less dust in it then my pc surprisingly, next thing will be repasting.

      EDIT: the disk reader got broken too, it's not 100% broken but got knocked, I'm probably going to replace that as well.
      I have so many childhood memories on this thing, probably the only reason I'm trying to save it, I hardly play on it.

    4. Schnoz


      @LetgomyleghoeI wish you  luck  on your next  Xbox servicing! However, there  are three things you may want to  know:


      - After removing the  CPU screws,  the X-bracket needs to   be pried off in a specific manner (it's  quite easy, iFixit has a guide for it)


      - If you're adventurous and have a really sharp, thin object, you can try delidding the CPU. I delidded mine successfully with an iFixit Jimmy tool. There are surface-mounted components  around the two dies  (XCGPU + eDRAM) though, so if   you want to consider delidding, I can dig  up some photos so you know where they are.


      - The  optical drive controller board is paired to the motherboard, and the  Xbox 36t0 has multiple models of internal disc drives. I'm not sure if the control board is soldered onto anything, but make sure you get a replacement ODD that's an identical model as the one in  your 360, and transplant your  controller board onto  it.

    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Google docs doesn't recognize 0,5 spacing but 0.5 which frustrates me as an non-native english speaker because in german it's not 12.5 but 12,5

  13. me: awake at 3 am





    cheese knives are good, but they can be grater


    1. themaniac


      while its not the first time i've seen the m.2 image, it still hurts to see

    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Get your flexible storage solution today!

  14. image.png.52354b29008d53acadbef570274902c5.png



    I know colleges use College Board exams as a benchmark for  students, but I have always disliked the idea of these types of tests.

    - They limit opportunities for the poor. I have refurbished and donated over 50 computers to students in need to enable online learning. I've seen what it's like to be financially disadvantaged. People barely got by to eat, let alone during COVID-19, which hits financially disadvantaged groups the hardest. How could they afford the over USD $100 needed to take a single Collegeboard exam, let alone over ten?

    - There is no one-size-fits-all benchmark for students. There are some people who are just bad test-takers or people who can't focus for long periods of time. Students can't express any unique talents they have in the tests, either. How would someone ever get in their dream college with 1280 or something? It's just a single number that doesn't provide anywhere near a complete reflection of a student's talents and abilities.


    Aaand that's enough ranting for me today.

    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama


      They limit opportunities for the poor


      there's a reason why some politicians in my country wanted to keep schools as loong open as possible