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  1. theres no reason for it being outdated I just thought it was good for the price I live in Massachusetts USA my budget is around 1000 - 1300$ and I would like it to be light but that doesnt really matter to me, and battery life doesnt matter to me as long as its decent like maybe 3-4 hours or more
  2. Hello, I was wondering if I could have some opinions on the inspiron 7567 packed with a 256 ssd 1 tb hdd i5 processor and 8 gb of ram, I am buying a laptop for my next quarter for college and I would like some opinion on it and if its good for its price, I am not looking for gaming per say but I am in a IT, Network Engineering, and Cyber Security degree in college and we run vmwares and reqire intensive computers because of that I count gaming on the laptop as a bonus for playing casual games every now and then. Is the inspiron 7567 a good laptop for those requirements? or are there other
  3. Difice


    Im stuggling myself I just got into coding (with python and others) Are you able to give me a example of the veriables in action with a if statement to create a outcome with a specific ammount.
  4. overall its a good build but I dont see the use in a 500gb SSD I would go for a 250gb SSD at the most the SSD should only be used for the operating system, essential programs, and maybe some games the rest of the programs would go into the HDD, also I would try to get a better graphics card like a gtx 1060 6gb because 4gb isnt alot and it would benefit you more if you had a 6gb card like a 1060 overall a good build though
  5. if you go into device manager is there any "!" with the adapter itself? if so if the adapter has a model number on it try searching for it on google and try to download any drivers for it. also if you havent already you should try plugging it into multiple usb ports to verify it does not work. if none of this is the case then it is probably a problem with the router itself or the ip address scheme of your computer. let me know if this is the case
  6. Hey, I am going to be going for my CCENT certification soon I have done the Cisco introduction to Networks, and Cisco Routing and switching I feel like I know all the base but for that extra Im not confident with I want to know if anyone can recommend a study guide or any videos or something that can help with studying for that certification.
  7. Thank you for your reply I will defiantly check it out! I would like to hear what others say as well if there are videos or something i would love to learn Linux more
  8. Hey I was really interested in learning Linux Im currently taking networking classes right now and I think learning Linux would benefit me for the future I was wondering if there was anywhere in specific that I could start thanks!
  9. Sorry I just realised that you are talking about a wireless home router lol so you would connect your main router to the WAN connection in your RT-N65U Router then from there you can plug cables from the LAN connections to your computers from there you are connected to your network but maybe not specifically the internet, from here you would access your router on a web browser and from what I see of this product it should take you straight to the setup of the router when you open the browser if not then you might want to open command prompt and see what your Default Gateway IP is, once you hav
  10. Correct me if im wrong but cant you just connect them with cables then do some configurations on the routers you should be able to either cable into your routers or telnet depending on how much the router is setup.