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    Is this where I tell people about me?
    -Me, 2017

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  1. Yes. I really like the price to performance ratio.
  2. I use a Anker bluetooth keyboard and it's really good. It's not mechcanical, but it does work on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. It's $20 at my nearest Walmart.
  3. I do think the software looks like trash. It sounds like a good mouse for the money.
  4. He does have a decent camera that he likes to edit. I don't know his current build now.
  5. I also have some trouble finding a affordable and good power supply. Any help?
  6. I want to build a PC for a friend, and I wonder how much RAM should I put in, I think he said he will use it for video and picture editing, streaming, and some gaming.
  7. I also think that future-proofing is kind of dumb. In no possible way can you build a great PC now in 2017 and expect it to crush games in about 10 or 15 years. Even Threadripper will be obsolete in a long time.