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  1. That's what I kinda thought even though I don't have that much knowledge about RAM. The only reason I got worried is because I've experienced a nice performance boost when I went from single channel to dual channel so I thought some of that performance is still left on the table because of 1Rx8-1Rx16 mix. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I watched the video about RAM banks and it got me worried because I built my PC while I was still in high school (2017 i think) and I tried to get the cheapest stuff possible.. Anyways, my configuration is: CPU: i3-7100 RAM: 2133mhz 16GB (2x8GBs) GPU: GTX 1060 3GB It was with 8GBs of ram at first but I upgraded after some time. So, after I watched the video I checked my RAM sticks and it turns out one of them is a 1Rx16 module while the other one is 1Rx8. Both of them are 2133MHz sticks and they work in dual-channel. My question is: Is the 1R
  3. My temps are ok, cpu and gpu don't go above 70-75°C. I've swapped my ram sticks, tried different slots, 8gb and 16gb combinations. Second ram slot was kinda suspicious but after further testing I noticed that 8gb configuration is also freezing sometimes, no matter which slot. So it's probably a cpu bottleneck after all. This topic can be locked, thx anyway.
  4. Hello. AC Odyssey started freezing for a second or two randomly after I upgraded my ram. PC specs: Asus h-110m, i3 7100, 16gb of ram (2x8gb @ 2133mhz), gtx 1060 3gb. I know its not the best pc for this game and I know 6gb 1060 would have been the better option but this was the best I could do as a high school student in 2017 during the cryptomining apocalypse when gpu prices skyrocketed. Anyway, I played this game right after it got released in 2018 and after finding a nice sweetspot in graphics settings the game was working fine with 60fps in open areas and
  5. When will budget 300 series motherboards come out? It makes no sense to buy a pretty expensive z370 for i3-8100.. We need something like h110m ( skylake and kabylake budget mobos )..