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  1. Update: Ran memtest86 on 2 DIMMs, one from each pair. No errors. So It might honestly be just when it's all 4 DIMMs. Next test is all 4 as I think they were (alternating blue/green) and then the versions in their own channels. Very interesting...
  2. Good point. I'll test each kit next in memtest86. I think I had either Pattern 1 or 2 from your diagram because I installed the first kit in alternating slots and then just added the new kit when I got it a few months later. For the sake of internet history, I'm currently running these on: Intel 8700K Asus Prime Z370-A BIOS Version 2401 Asus 3070 Dual Driver 460.73.1 (Thanks LTT for this in the first drop).
  3. Is it possible for two different sets/versions of RAM to cause instability even if they are the same brand, CAS Latency, Everything? I'm spare some of the details, but my Linux rig recently started getting randomly hung up. It would function fine, no issue, then it full hangs where the Networking stack dies, GUI/Compositor Dies, everything. Reading through the errors online made me take a guess at my RAM. I made a bootable thumb drive of memtest86 and ran it on all 4 DIMMs that were installed in my system. I got 44 errors per loop. So I just took the time to put them in
  4. I guess I could have been clearer. I plan to glue on the standoff to the motherboard. I don't anticipate ever being able to get the right screw, so how do I temporarily mount the M.2 drive to the (hopefully) permanent standoff? Would tape just get sticky and nasty when it get's hot? Zip Tie? String?
  5. I have an ASUS Z370-A Motherboard. I while back I wanted to change my 512GB M.2 out to a larger capacity one. I realized I didn't have a second M.2 screw that came with the motherboard, so I ordered some from Amazon that sounded right. Turns out I had the same problem as many in the reviews, the screw wouldn't come out. I kept applying force and eventually the 2280 standoff on the Motherboard snapped off. Image to illustrate: https://imgur.com/a/ffz3FOw Can I just superglue it back in? Seems like most Cyanoacrylate glues aren't conductive, so that might work. Unfortunately that still
  6. Catching up on this thread, bots can indeed beat quizzes, if you just feed them the question. There were quite a few bots on that app/gameshow HQ a few years back.
  7. Lol finding this URL for VAG was difficult. Still not buying one since I got one last round.
  8. Very interesting. It was at about 10 minutes in today's video, so they've remove the section that talked about it. They've also been combing through the forums to remove any of the links that have been posted.
  9. I guess I'll pop in here since it seems no one else has cared to confirm things, I managed to get a 3070 from this. I am not doing so with any ill-intention, but just to confirm that from my perspective VAG did work, which was basically just that bots didn't get them. I've been watching LTT daily for about 6+ years (first video was his review of the Schiit Magni+Modi). I've been wanting to upgrade my GPU and CPU for a while now because I'm a DevOps engineer and have been wanting a better space to run Machine Learning workloads in my Kubernetes Cluster (and of course game on it). I ha
  10. I WFH, had the video sub tab on my third monitor while doing work. Looks like video went up at 10:40 PST, I finished quiz at 10:49, got to purchase page at 10:51. Again, don't want to mean to anyone but only posted bc I saw people questioning whether VAG program actually worked. Been watching LTT daily for 6+ years, sub to floatplane, all the gamer things. It was bound to be very difficult. I'll make sure to not participate in future rounds.
  11. Disclaimer: I don't mean to be mean or inconsiderate to anyone, but was very lucky to get a 3070 from this. I've been trying to upgrade for a long time. My strategy, I've been sitting with the subscription tab open for the last 3 weeks. I've consistently been in the first 10-15 people on the video. I always watch YT/FP a 2x speed, so got to the info quick. Took the quiz honestly (almost failed on the easiest question). I really wanted to the ASUS TUF version of the 3070, but I'll be grateful and maybe trade when things calm down in a year+
  12. This is the only correct answer. Been watching LTT daily for about 5 years now, and can't say I've ever seen that in his character. Of course, it would be even worse for them in the long run. Gain a few subs to lose a bunch more? Smart....
  13. From YouTube Post: Program launch has been delayed until next week in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  14. .... of course it's the day they don't upload at the regular time. Well I set up YT to refresh every 5 second and I need to get back to work....
  15. Yeah the only info we have is from WAN. He said the program would be introduced during a video, but I don't think it'll be fastest to click. Maybe we'll have to link our Steam account and have a recently played game, who knows. As for time it'll go live, since it's attached to a video, just look when the videos have gone up. Let's just say I've been consistently in the first 10 people to a video every day this week.... and I'm just 1% annoyed because I've already seen all these videos anyways over on Floatplane. But I'll give them the extra view I guess. But I need a new CPU for studying.... i