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  1. Would ''Asus AMD Radeon HD 7950 DirectCU II TOP V2, 3GB'' be any good? seems like very impressive card though.
  2. I'd consider amd if i knew which one is the 660ti of the radeon series :D The 660ti counter part of the AMD series is the 7950' date=' the 7950 can easily overclock better than the 660ti as well. But I think you'd prefer a Nvidia card, right? Either way it's your money! I would go with the Nvidia card because it is simple and powerful, some people can't hand a couple driver issues every now and again with AMD ;) [/quote'] Thanks dude, should i buy 2gb or 3gb. Is there any downsides buying 3gb card instead of 2gb which would be enoguh?
  3. I'd consider amd if i knew which one is the 660ti of the radeon series :D
  4. So i'm about to buy new card to replace my gtx 560ti and dont know if i should buy 660 or 660ti or 670 ( cheapest one, like palit jetstream ) anyone have any experience on these cards and how will they perform in a game like far cry 3, batllefield or other games? I've also heard that palit jetstream gtx 670 has horrible noise and is very hot card, is this true?