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  1. I have 3 drives (C:) is my boot drive then I have two 1TB drives for storage (D:) and (G:). (D:) is the one that seems to be having issues. All shortcuts from (G:) and (C:) are functioning. Sorry for not being more detailed earlier.
  2. So I just finished updating my BIOS, and when I booted into the OS (windows 10 pro ver 2004) all of the shortcuts on my desktop from one particular drive are no longer functioning, they're now just white pages. The drive is recognized and accessible through explorer along with all the programs, but the shortcuts are dead. Is there an easy way to restore them, or do I have to re-make them all from scratch?
  3. I build a pc with the 2400g for my mother a while back to handle a similar work load. Videos/internet browsing/ word processing etc. works great. Pair it with a b-350/b-450 8gb of ram and you have a capable build at a reasonable price.
  4. Thought I had included the budget, apologies. Would like to stick to around $500. Peripherals are handled.
  5. I’m dabbling with the idea of an HTPC to pair with a 1080p projector. I already have a GTX 1060. 6gb. Never built a HTPC before. Thoughts suggestions? Budget around $500 US.
  6. Neither you MoBo nor CPU can overclock. You’d want a Z370 board to overclock current Intel chips. Make sure the CPU is a K sku.
  7. I’m pretty sure they’re not interchangeable.
  8. Was there a sticker on the bottom of the cooler? If so did you remove it?
  9. I would advise waiting a month. Even though the previous poster is correct about the constant changing of the market, with a new launch so close, if you aren’t in dire need, i’d Wait a month and see what the new product announcement does to current pricing.
  10. No idea. This is a rumor and rumors are unreliable. But I do hope it’s true. I’ll snatch that 3700X at that price in heartbeat.
  11. I would say put the money into a good graphics card then. The 1600 is a competent processor and if the extra $20-$30 could bump you up to a better tier GPU like a 1070 or 1070ti I’d do that.
  12. I’d hold tight for zen 2. You won’t have to switch platforms, and you’ll get more of a performance increase than going to a 2700x.
  13. I personally wouldn’t invest in Ryzen 2 right now with Zen 2 right around the corner. There is a modest performance increase bewteen 1st and second gen stuff so if you need something now i’d Go for the 2600, I don’t think it’s too much more than the 1600.
  14. I have the AI tweaker on my Asus X470, as far as I can tell you should still be able to follow the guide. I think ASUS calls it Extreme Tweaker on their higher end MoBo's and AI tweaker on the rest.
  15. Just food for thought, the Ryzen platform will likely leave you more room to upgrade in the future, and with Zen 2 right around the corner I'd go Ryzen. Just my opinion.
  16. If you decide to upgrade to the Asus prime X470 pro board I can personally say I love it. I used it with a 1700x(place holder waiting for Zen 2) in my own system and put a 2400g in it when I upgraded my parent PC (I know overkill for that chip but it was more for the aesthetic than performance, and future upgrade ability). I’m currently building another PC for a friend and using that board again. Solid choice if you need to go that way.
  17. CPU: Ryzen7 1700X MoBo: Asus Prime X470 Pro Ram: Geil Super Luce 3000Mhz DDR4 Cooler: Cooler Master 240ML Graphics Card: EVGA 1070Ti FTW2 Power supply: EVGA Supernova G3 650w (80+ Gold) So I've been tinkering with the OC on the CPU, the best I've been able to achieve is 4GHz at 1.375 volts. Just wondering if that voltage is too high. I've been doing a lot of reading and seems like people are saying not to go over 1.35. However my temps looks good. I haven't hit 70 degrees in any testing (aida64, 3dmark, cinebench etc). Are there any other concerns other tha
  18. It’s not a lie if he didn’t promise anything. Now it’s possible the SEC might slap him with a fine for being unclear and possibly misleading, but no way he goes to jail.