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  1. There are 2 type of m.2 port one is SATA and one is NVMe both are different right?
  2. Brought an Samsung 860 Evo SATA M.2 but my motherboard support NVMe seller don't take refund so any adapter my motherboard model number is gigabyte B360M D3H
  3. I am using dlink dir-816 hardware:-A1 fwr:- 1.10 I can't find port forwarding my nat type in game is strict how can I change it to open I am using bit diffender and I grant permissions to cod wz but not working
  4. Ok so I will upgrade it with another 8 gig of ram and let you guys know if it solves the problem and thanks guys for helping me
  5. Temps are under 70° CPU and GPU usage changing rapidly CPU something 100% gpu around 96% don't go up to 100% and the ram was at 6400 mb
  6. I am using 8400 with b360 paired with 1660 super and 8X1 gig ram I am getting fps drop in games example far cry new dawn i was playing on high at 70 to 80 fps when it drops to 11 to 20 fps and start lagging in this games someday I have lags and some days it run perfectly at 60-70fps now many says it's my motherboard's problem and I can't afford a new motherboard or CPU any help how can I fix it.
  7. Is this the msi oc version or the non of version in the packages there was a sticker "live update" written on it but when I removed it there was oc written on it but nowhere else is the the of version or non oc
  8. DDU done temps at 75° constant when playing game's but the problem remain
  9. System spec:- intel i5 8400, gigabyte B360M D3H-CF, g skill 8gig 2400mhz 1 stick, 550 wat power supply,1660 super msi, now the problem is GTA giving me 30 fps on ultra 1080p but it was supposed to go more than 100 fps same with far cry new dawn gating 50 to 60 and some time frozen for seconds some other AAA title run at 15 to 30 fps any fix for this
  10. Can anyone tell me if this is real and it's price is only 3000 rs(39.70$) per piece
  11. I want to buy a 1660 super card in my price range I have 2 options Gigabyte gtx 1660 super oc 2x fan a(1830mhz) and Asus Tuf gaming gtx 1660 super oc @(1845mhz) now the problem is gigabyte gpu priced at 20199 ruppy and Asus on 22699 now Asus have a copper heat pipes to reduce heat now should I pay 2500 ruppy(31.78$) more for this or should I go for gigabyte and Which company is batter in service and build quality.