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  1. Thanks for the advice! Looks like I'm moving away from blue this time around. One last question (sorry to be a pain) Any particular difference between these two? Any reason to go for one over the other?
  2. £300 tops. I only want to get either a CPU or a GPU for the time being. Not both just yet. Something I will consider, if it works out being good value, and would not require me getting too many new parts.
  3. £250-300 ($300-380) CPU --- £250-300 ($300-380) GPU
  4. Not really concerned on the budget per item too much. I just can't afford to blow money on both items in general. Just looking for something that has a good price/performance ratio and will be suitable for 1080p gaming on High/Ultra. Don't want anything overkill.
  5. Hey folks! So, I'll just jump right into it... Money is on a budget for one item only. I need to decide whether to get a new GPU or a new CPU first. I currently have a GTA 1060 3gb (I know, I know) and an Intel 6600k. My CPU frequently tops out at 100% when playing CPU intensive games (with background apps such as Discord running). However my GPU frequently runs out of memory after extended periods of playing time, or when playing games on Ultra settings (1080p). If I'm going to be upgrading my CPU I'd like to stick to the same socket type. What do you guys & girls think I shou
  6. Apologies if this is in the wrong category... Haven't a clue what this falls under. Hi, I'm having a few issues trying to connect to a point of sale [POS] shop sign that is running on android. It's a 42" display that can be controlled via USB and WiFi. However, when connecting the device via USB, all it does is charge my laptop, and does not appear on the connected devices list on both my MacBook and Surface Book.When trying to access the machine over WiFi, it just does not appear to be on the network at all, even though the engineers who set it up definitely did connect it.As far
  7. Yeah, there is a favicon. I'm starting to wonder if this is something that Microsoft has to assign to sites themselves.
  8. Hey all, I don't post too much on here so I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum. I recently reset my PC and needed to install Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge, but out of curiosity I wondered what the user experience is like on my website when using Microsoft Edge, since I don't normally use the browser. With quite a few of the people on my site actually using Edge I thought it would be a good idea to add some neat little additions to the user experience. This leads me to my main question... How would I go about getting my site (example below is genericwebsi
  9. Just gave HDSentinel a go, and everything's at 100%. Tried a defrag in the past, but I'll give it another go. Thanks for the help.
  10. Yeah, I've tried that in the past. I've tried to do all the basic troubleshooting steps before posting on a forum because I didn't want to waste anyone's time. My FPS in Battlefield is great, I can get 60 with little issues if I just don't run it on Ultra. All of the games I have mentioned are ones I can (or used to be able to) run on steady frame rates. It's only over the past few months I have been having these issues on certain games. Yeah PUBG is a b*tch from what I've heard. That's probably the one exception to the games I can run. If the issue is just my PC simply is
  11. I live in the UK, and the price difference was like £100 at the time, because of all the miners I still get stuttering no matter the texture settings.
  12. Hey, I'm aware there are quite a few threads on all sorts of websites talking about the same issue, but none of them have managed to help me so far; was hoping I could get some help here though . So before I start rambling on, here are my PC specs: CPU: Intel i5 - 6600 3.3 GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 3gb RAM: Avexir core DDR4 2x4GB (not sure on the speed) Boot drive: Sandisk 120gb SSD HDD for games: WD 2TB (again, not sure on the speed) PSU: Corsair CS Series CS650M ATX If I've missed any specs that might be relevant plea