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  1. Since the internet seems to not be able to give me a good answer. I have an Arctic Liquid Freezer ii 360mm radiator, and I was wondering if it would have the clearance (65mm or more) to mount it on the top of the Corsair 5000D Airflow case, it would seem like it should but the specs never say exactly how much space there is, or whether the "supported corsair coolers" are supported when mounted on the top. If not, I am pretty sure that it would mount on front with plenty of space. Also if there other mid towers available that will fit this AIO that would be cool as I have not yet purchased the
  2. I used gpart to copy my data from the primary partition on my C drive (old m.2 ssd) to an external HDD, then replaced the m.2 with a samsung nvme ssd since I only have one m.2 slot. I then used gpart to copy the data onto the samsung ssd. Unsurprisingly it didn't just magically boot, and didn't appear in the bios as a bootable drive. My question is what am I missing, should I use a windows boot media to repair my installation or is there something else that would work. I made a back up of everything prior to this whole process as well as not removing the data from the old ssd, incase restoring
  3. Perhaps the Wii U would be a better fit? It is a bit bigger and broken ones are pretty cheap.
  4. Thinking making a PC inside an old broken Wii would be a cool way to reuse the box, and a cool stealth design. The problems I have run into is any AM4 motherboard I have found is too big, and cooler options are pretty bad, aaand power supplies are a bit too big. I am looking for any way to fit these things in/ any part recommendations. The APU I would like to use is the Ryzen 3 2200G. Feel free to ask questions, and thanks in advance for any help.
  5. So I am curious if this is possible or not, or if I am misunderstanding how miracast works. Can I cast a mobile device's screen (tablet, phone) to my PC screen wirelessly using Miracast, or anything else? Similar to apple's Airplay, but with android devices/windows. My PC says it isn't able to use Miracast, so I am wondering if that is a problem. I do not have a wireless adapter for my PC, I am running off of ethernet, and I have a Ryzen 5 1600x, if that matters. Thanks for any help anyone can provide, as the internet hasn't been helpful so far.
  6. Wow, um, well, that's pretty amazing lol. Thanks for the help, I will definitely be looking into those parts.
  7. Ok, swapped out the cooler and storage, anything else to know?
  8. The funny thing about the case, I needed one that was less than a certain height, and that ruled out 90% or so of them, so this was one of maybe 5 valid ones I found.
  9. What would you recommend for coolers, not stock but still cheapish.
  10. Forgot about that, I have a 600(650?) Watt one, which should do just fine.
  11. So, I am looking to upgrade my rig, I have a list of parts, and I am curious if anyone has any buying tips, or things to know about these parts that I should know before buying. The graphics card is a 1070, not sure which one, so I didn't put it on there, as well as my hard drive I will be re-using. Thanks in advance for any help. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/koenc001/saved/3Ffm8d
  12. I just noticed that the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 minimum requirement for a CPU is AMD fx-350, and I am running a 6300. So I was wondering, should I upgrade to a higher tier in the fx series for around $100, or upgrade to Ryzen and have to purchase a new motherboard? Is it worth the additional $300 with motherboard included, or not?