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  1. The cable is a cat5e ethernet cable, but I still don't know how to check the router settings.
  2. How can I check my router’s port configuration settings?
  3. I've been using the WiFi antenna that came with my gigabyte aorus gaming 5 motherboard, and was getting decent internet speeds, but that mostly came from having a very fast router. I routed an 100 foot ethernet cable through 3 rooms, which may be a problem, and connected it directly to my motherboard. I tested with ethernet and got 50 mbps download, unplugged it and got around 200 mbps on WiFi. Does anybody know why and what I can do to solve the problem?
  4. Just as the title says, I am looking for a pair of IEM’s near $100 to listen to music on the go. I listen mostly to rap, and some classical guitar. What are your recommendations?
  5. I have rebuilt my new pc twice so far with the same results. I have an Asrock pro 4 z370 motherboard, an 8700k, a gigabyte 1080, a 650w supernova psu, and an h100i v2. When I turn on the psu and the case, the light for the cooler comes on, the case fans start spinning, and the gpu fans start spinning. I was looking for a debug code, but either the motherboard doesn't have it or it's not turning on. No motherboard lights are turning on, and the gpu doesn't have any leds that come on. Does anybody have an idea on what the problem could be?
  6. Do you have v-sync turned on in nvidia control panel? You have gsync right?
  7. Yeah but it’s an overclock for the monitor so i think i’ll keep it at 144, not that big of a difference anyway.
  8. Doesn’t vsync add input lag though? what’s the downside to a frame limiter?
  9. I’m pretty sure gsync doesn’t work over the monitor’s refresh rate
  10. I recently bought a gsync monitor that can go up to 180hz, but I have it running at 144hz. I am using a 1080ti with it, so my fps is usually way above 144, which I know renders gsync useless. I’ve heard people say that if the game can’t cap the fps, then turn on v sync in the nvidia control center, but couldn’t i just use an fps limiter program like rivatuner statistic server? Would this work?
  11. I just delidded my 8700k with thermal grizzley and a rockitcool 88, it’s in stock for about $40 but I can sell you the tool and paste and the silicone glue if you want that for a good price.
  12. Ok good, most of the max temps were in the 60s and 70s.
  13. What should the max/min temps be for the cpu, out of curiosity? It’s stable now at 4.7.
  14. I delidded it myself, but Its possible that’s its not a great cpu. I’ll bring it down to 1.35, thanks for all the help!
  15. It’s not stable for 4.8 1.35, but stable at 1.4. Is this too much voltage? What are the downsides?