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  1. My dreams tend to be quite wild, often centering around the various traumatic events of my past and thus being very emotionally heavy -- just started this day with one and I'm depressed as all hell and, quite frankly, having thoughts of self-harm again. Anyways, some of my wilder dreams can also be quite entertaining and have some fun twists to them, like e.g. at the beginning of the night I had a Cyberpunk-inspired dream.


    In Cyberpunk, practically all humans are cyborgs with all sorts of fancy computerey augmentations and whatnot. In my dream, however, androids were the dominating, sentient race on Earth, not humans, and these androids also loved augmentations. Alas, the augmentations they loved were made of human fleshy bits; patches of skin, hair, bones, even internal organs -- bones, fat and hair being on the cheaper end of augmentations, patches of skin more expensive and growing more expensive per area, patches of skin with custom tattooing even more so, then internal organs and the ultimate status-symbol was a human heart ticking away in one's chest!


    Due to the popularity of these augmentations, the androids had been hunting humans rather vigorously and as our numbers were dwindling rapidly, the government had to step in and start regulating human-hunting. This caused a lot of friction and all sorts of troubles and, obviously, black market and illegal hunting - groups going around.


    That's about as much as I can remember of the dream. It may just be because it was my dream and not someone else's, but I find the idea of androids augmenting themselves with flesh a fun, quirky twist and I'd love to see someone run with the idea and make a movie or a mini-series out of it. (With me getting a truckload of dosh as compensation for coming up with the idea!)

    1. Letgomyleghoe


      please don't self harm over dreams, I understand sometimes they're genuinely fucked and seem to almost poke at past experiences, but try and keep a dream journal/ call or text someone, I've found it helps.