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    Jumballi got a reaction from weez in Reports are Fry's is officially dead as of the end of the day   
    Former Fry's employee here, I can tell you where it went wrong. The major culprit was nepotism, management always had a friend or family member who we'd find working along side us and they'd get immeasurably preferential treatment. A lot of good employees suffered for it, especially these past 5 years.

    I'm not sad to see this company go under, They hurt me and my friends, one of them needing therapy after the way they treated him. To all my former coworkers, I hope you are doing better now that you've left.
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    Jumballi got a reaction from DaJakerBoss in Water-cooling? Fuck that, we're using snow-cooling   
    Very cool, pun intended.
    My only worry with your set up is that the water in the loop could potentially freeze. Unlikely but still a possibility.
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    Jumballi got a reaction from Pareshaan_Aatma_23 in When Will The Threadripper 5000 series gonna come out?   
    Ryzen 5000 is just a more efficient ryzen 3000 with some other small changes that add up to a much faster cpu. While yes they could switch over threadripper to the newer architecture, it’s won’t benefit as much from the newer stuff and is more expensive to manufacture.
    If threadripper 3000 ain’t broke, don’t fix it with something more expensive.
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    Jumballi reacted to FakeKGB in Any help with writing to DVD-R?   
    This video explains it much better than I ever will.
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    Jumballi reacted to Letgomyleghoe in Just bought LTTs Mineral Oil PC! Don’t know what to do with it   
    I would personally still keep it mineral cooled, but that's just me finding a pc in mineral oil absolutely amazing. nice find. 
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    Jumballi got a reaction from Ashley xD in What are your defaults when it comes to tech?   
    My default is whatever’s in stock, even before the shortages.
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    Jumballi reacted to Middcore in Is it ok to buy a psu with a not famous brand but still 80+   
    80+ is not an indicator of quality and 80+ badges are sometimes even fake.
    "Just buy a Corsair PSU" is also a bad idea since there are Corsair-branded PSU's that are good quality and Corsair-branded PSU's that are poor. 
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    Jumballi reacted to DriftMan in Is it ok to buy a psu with a not famous brand but still 80+   
    80+ is just a label to indicate the efficency rate
    You can check what PSUs you have available in your country and check in which category it is here
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    Jumballi got a reaction from TubsAlwaysWins in Where can I bulk order Micro B Power Supplies   
    Ali express or ebay
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    Jumballi reacted to jaslion in DO GPU FANS ALWAYS SPIN?   
    There is your answer.
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    Jumballi reacted to Kilrah in Can RTX 2070 output analog signal to CRT TV?   
    Directly no, with the right adapter yes.
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    Jumballi reacted to FakeFBI in i think my pc got a virus   
    delete or transfer all ur filrd to externel flash drive or hdd
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    Jumballi got a reaction from RedShadow in Coil Whine coresponding to GPU Load.   
    If coil wine is as big of an issue to you as you say it is, then that is the most drastic option you can take.
    However you yourself did point out that the rear audio works fine and @samcool55made a great suggestion on how to alleviate any issues that you had with it. 
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    Jumballi reacted to samcool55 in Coil Whine coresponding to GPU Load.   
    Cheapest option, extension cord.
    Better idea, external DAC/AMP
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    Jumballi got a reaction from GrandExchange in Prebuilt dilemma   
    Cyberpower’s reputation comes from their poor customer service and overall general poor value for the product you get. Not saying you’re doomed, 9/10 people will be happy and never notice or have an issue with their system from there.
    Use this as an opportunity to learn more about how systems are built and how and what could cause issues. People here are willing to help and it not to hard to put 20min-4hours learning about and solving an issue.
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    Jumballi reacted to Lord Nicoll in Prebuilt dilemma   
    They're all standard so look on the PSU teir page for a high end PC PSU and get whatever is on special offer in the 750 to 800 watt range. To be lear, 600 watts is probably enough stock, but if the system is overclocked that could easily be exceeded. 
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    Jumballi got a reaction from Brok3n But who cares? in Help.. New Ram.. Blue Screen crash.. I’m a noob   
    Check the ram speed, first gen ryzen wasn’t too good with fast ram occasionally, and even more so when it’s 4 sticks. You’re sorta doing the worst combo there if you pulled an unlucky straw.
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    Jumballi reacted to Den-Fi in Lían Li o11 Dynamic Razer Edition   
    That's the USB 3.1 connector. A lot of boards have it, but not all.
    What is your mobo?
    They have adapters to regular USB if it does not:
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    Jumballi got a reaction from Prebuilt in Should I wait for Rocket Lake or just get Zen 3 now?   
    Rocket lake should help normalize prices and availability, so I’d wait.
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    Jumballi got a reaction from DaddySanty in First time PC Builder. Need Help Finding a GPU That Won't Bottleneck My Monitor. please help?   
    I have a geforce rtx 2080 8gb, it plays games on a mix of high with some medium sprinkled in at around 100-120 fps on older triple A games and around 80-110fps on newer ones, the resolution I game at is 2560x1440p. It's performance today would be somewhere between a 3060 ti and a 3070. For what you want to do, it might be better to go with the 3080 over the 3070 as some games are going to see the new consoles and realize that next gen means next gen graphics which runs your GPU even harder.

    Over the course of my career in PC retail and as a PC builder, I can let you know right now that future proofing is a lie, it does not work out and you'll simply be wasting your money. Your best solution is to buy the most expensive GPU your budget allows for, and to make it work for you, either by lowering settings or running in a lower resolution for the games that are simply too tough. Spending more money 9/10 times does not get your the performance you want, and it defeats the purpose of why you built the PC in the first place, which is to spend that money on games. Don't forget the $300 difference between each tier of GPU is the same as buying 5 full price triple A titles at full price at launch.

    Lastly here's a free tech tip, running an additional monitor for things like a web browser or discord won't hurt your GPU performance, but some programs in the background will still use the GPU and/or CPU even if they're not running on the foreground(the two I mentioned earlier do that). So since your GPU will still take a bit of a hit because you'll be using those programs in the background, don't hesitate to add another monitor to make your experience a more convenient one.
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    Jumballi got a reaction from 514_AppleGuy in My entire pc turns on except the graphics card, can someone help?   
    swap the power supply, just because everything else turns on doesn't mean it can't be faulty in the pcie power delivery
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    Jumballi reacted to Hymenopus_Coronatus in 8gb Vram 1440p next few years?   
    You should be fine, most games barely break 8GBs (of actual usage, what you see in task manager or afterburner is the allocated memory usage) at 4K (even MSFS only hits 8.5 most of the time at 4K).
    You can always turn down a few settings in the future if it really does start being an issue
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    Jumballi got a reaction from Hymenopus_Coronatus in 8gb Vram 1440p next few years?   
    8gb for 1440p should be fine for the next 4-5 years in my opinion. your issues should be with other parts of the card like AI upscaling, 4k actually being a real thing now, ray tracing, and a general increase in demand for GPU power with new games.

    All in all, the card will last you as long as you feel it works for you, with my recommendation for people being get the most expensive card you can reasonably afford and you should get a reasonable amount of time from it.
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    Jumballi got a reaction from Levent in Does ASUS P8H61 PLUS motherboard support SLI?   
    No it doesn’t support SLI, but the good news is that no game today does either so no money wasted.