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  1. So basically you can choose what servers you play on, im on the east coast so i obviously choose US East. there not really too broad when it comes to server choices its just US East and US West.
  2. I am constantly rubber banding when I am playing Rocket league (or any other online game) but My ping never spikes. My ping usually sits around 17-20 and when the rubber banding happens it never spikes up. This is why I think its some kind of issue with my pc. I live on a college campus so unfortunately I don't have access to the modem. Troubleshooting I have tried: Updating my bios, and all my drivers Reset my cpu overclock to default Reinstalled the game Disabled Dynamic Tick Messed around with my Wifi adapter settings Any suggestions would help a
  3. i turned off quite and cool and it still says that,my processor is running at 1.7 Ghz and its a 3.5 ghz cpu
  4. on occt it says my cpu is overclocked at - 59% help, im using a amd fx 6300
  5. so i got like 100+ fps on cs then it dropped to 20 and my load dropped to 12
  6. its every game i play, i have looked up my same specs and people get way better fps than i do
  7. how do i make it use the gpu because my hdmi is plugged into the gpu
  8. I have a gtx 970, amd fx 6300 and 8gb of ram. i uninstalled the drivers with ddu and reinstalled new ones and its still doing it please help