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    Blasteque reacted to RejZoR in Windows 10 Ameliorated Ordered to cease operations due to LTT video   
    In all honesty, the whole project was a pointless joke. What's the point of having this cut down broken OS that is more unpredictable than Windows itself. May just as well use Linux then. Would have billion times better experience.
    If it had just trimmed down regular ISO with removed preinstalled junk and telemetry just cut down for the most part without breaking anything, then fair enough. But the extent of disabling things they went was just silly and pointless.
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    Blasteque reacted to StDragon in Worlds First 360Hz Monitor Detailed & Launching in September 2020   
    I'm waiting on 640hz; that ought to be enough for anybody.
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    Blasteque reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Having a desktop in a college dorm   
    You're likely going to get a pretty small desk, something like 35 or so inches wide and maybe 20 inches deep. So be sure you have space to set your keyboard and mouse aside since you'll likely have to keep the tower on the desk.
    Invest in pair of headphones or earbuds. Not only for your sake to keep the noise to where you want it, but so you don't dump noise out to your dormmates.
    As a precaution, make obvious and permanent markings on key components of your computer in case of theft. Also with that in mind, assume your data can be lost at any time, so find a way to have a backup somewhere.
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    Blasteque reacted to harryk in Having a desktop in a college dorm   
    - Use wired ethernet connection in the dorm room. The WiFi is likely to be overloaded with all the students, particularly in the evening/night.
    - Use internet sharing on your desktop and connect your laptop via WiFi to get seamless internet without using the public WiFi. If anyone asks, you're using it to transfer files.
    - Look into using a VPN. The school has access to snoop on your internet habits and will have rules regarding the use of the network. 
    - Make sure you have a good password and lock your computer when you leave it, even if just for a moment.
    - See if there are any gaming clubs on campus. Go to LAN parties and game competitions if that's your thing. Some clubs may even have game servers hosted on campus.
    - Don't sit in your dorm room on the computer every minute you're not in class. Go out and explore. Meet new people. Try new things. Get out of your comfort zone.
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    Blasteque reacted to TheFlyingTraut in OLED or QLED - Convince me   
    I watch plenty of TV on my OLED and have zero issues with static images. Coming from an OLED owner, not just someone who reads reviews on them. It's a non issue. Turn your tv off once per day, you're good. Watching ESPN for 6-10 hours straight, even with their bright red ticker, is still a non issue. Source- I own an OLED and have put it through that. It's fine, going 2+ years. OLED gives you the superior image quality. OLED is more natural colors and significantly better blacks. QLED always oversaturates (just a samsung thing), so it "pops" more but doesn't look as natural. If it's going to be used for a mix of gaming, movies and tv, OLED, mostly gaming, QLED, movies, OLED.
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    Blasteque reacted to Anomnomnomaly in Are you a middle aged gamer and how long have you been gaming?   
    I've got Cities Skylines and Planet Coaster but they're kinda resource hogs... Planet Coaster especially. Add a few rides from the steam workshop that people have created and it slows to a crawl due to trying to render thousands of individual scenery items on each ride. Which kinda makes the game unplayable even on my new system.
    I've not played Skylines in a while because it kept crashing. Had to remove all of the steam workshop mods as I couldn't pin down which one was to blame... and that kinda makes the game bland after having some of the sweet extras.
    My first multiplayer experience was on an office LAN at my friends old place of work... Marathon II on their Mac's... Kill the man with the skull sub game and so forth... Great fun and I was pretty good.
    Had a couple of systems, a 386 and a 486... then my first system with a modem was a Pentium 200mhz with a 2GB hard drive around 98... Didn't really start playing online multiplayer until Unreal Tournament came out in 99... and I loved that game... Instagib capture the flag and assault were my faves.  I never really scored very highly due to lag.. and always wondered if I was actually any good.
    So when I got my first DSL line in early 2002... I started playing as part of a clan I helped setup from the old alt.games.wolfenstein newsgroup... Called ourselves [AGW] and had an irc chatroom and our own server for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and later, Battlefield 1942 with the desert combat mod (I was part of the DC team for a while too).
    Turned out I was rather good after all when everyone was playing with an equal ping... Not brilliant, but tactically very good and my K:D ratio was always around the 3 or 4 to 1 range.
    But as consoles started becoming more common and the audience for online PC gaming grew... it was ruined by smacktards... and as you pointed out... Playing with selfish people who expect everyone to know everything completely ruins the experience for everyone.
    That kind of attitude is still very present in online gaming, no one is willing to help newbies out and explain stuff and many of these games offer no way to play off line against bots to learn the ropes before venturing online.
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    Blasteque got a reaction from Anomnomnomaly in Are you a middle aged gamer and how long have you been gaming?   
    43.  I've been gaming since Atari 2600, then moved to Apple IIGS (with ubiquitous Oregon Trail), then 286, been PCs ever since.  Still game 1 - 4 hours per day.
    I don't multiplayer anymore either unless it's with friends.  That stopped... a while ago, but not because of reflexes, those are fine, the issue was the online community.  I loaded up Crysis (I think that's what it was) into a team deathmatch 5 days after it came out and I was yelled at for not knowing how to play that map.  No thanks. 
    Where did I put that copy of Unreal Tournament...
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    Blasteque reacted to JabroniBaloney in Is this setup balanced ???   
    A headphone amp, like the JDS Labs Atom, might be a better option.
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    Blasteque got a reaction from Derkoli in What is this? It’s at my fitness center   
    It's a grid bug from Tron.
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    Blasteque reacted to dalekphalm in Apple accused of selling user data   
    IF they are guilty (which has yet to be proven), then there is nothing to defend, as their actions are indefensible and are reprehensible.
    But a very large number of commenters are simply assuming they're guilty without seeing all the evidence (from both sides).
    So people blindly defending them are just as bad as those who blindly accept that they did it.
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    Blasteque reacted to TetraSky in Too much comedy in video games?   
    I play games to be entertained. If a bit of comedy in them can manage to get a few chuckle out of me without ruining the atmosphere, it's a good time in my book. Life itself isn't all bleak after all, so why should games be serious all the time?
    Also, the Portal games were never "serious" games in the first place, the silly humor is the selling point alongside the somewhat challenging puzzles.
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    Blasteque got a reaction from ImAyaanKhan in What convinced you to switch from Console to PC?   
    I switched because my parents bought an Apple IIgs and the games were way more advanced than our Atari 2600.  Then we got a 286, then 386, and so-on.  Never looked back.
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    Blasteque reacted to Dash Lambda in The real reason why Apple removed the Jack. And why u still haven't figured it out yet.   
    I understand perfectly.
    The problem is that I don't get a tool to dream about what the future will bring. I get a tool to use it. There's nothing complicated or high-philosophical about this, a phone is supposed to serve a purpose and that purpose is not to make people look forward to the days when wireless actually can replace wired.
    And do understand, we're not close to wireless replacing wired. At all. We aren't even sure it ever will. Wired is inherently more reliable, faster, more efficient, and can carry power. That last one is huge for me, and we may well invent warp drive before we come up with a usable solution to it.
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    Blasteque reacted to FakeNSA in The real reason why Apple removed the Jack. And why u still haven't figured it out yet.   
    Not trying to hate, but I think you are totally wrong. The removal of the headphone jack was a strictly business decision. First, they wanted to stop people from using wired headphones, you are correct. However, they removed the jack and did not bundle an adaptor in order to make money selling "apple certified" adaptors, and to drive people toward their heavily marketed, "cool" product, airpods. They did also remove the jack for ease of design: partially space, but also waterproofing. While other manufacturers, such as samsung, offer ip68 dust and water resistance with their s8-10 lineup, this was certainly an expensive thing to develop, and as such apple was money ahead not "wasting the time" engineering a solution to a problem they had deleted. 
    Personally, I can't see myself buying a phone without the jack, purely because of the price-performance ratio of wired headphones/earbuds, and the sticker shock of wireless sets. (am a broke college student, sue me.) 
    Overall, good question, and I do understand your perspective, but imo, apple should have released another se that still has the jack for "old" people like me. I do see the revolution of wireless audio that this move has caused, but I also see the cost. Have a great night!
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    Blasteque reacted to Dash Lambda in The real reason why Apple removed the Jack. And why u still haven't figured it out yet.   
    It's pretty obvious they did it to force people to wireless. Though it was most certainly more about pushing their other products than some 'leading people to a better future' nonsense.
    Wireless is better in many ways. Wired is better in many other ways. What irritates me about companies removing it is not the idea that they're compromising to save an unnecessary amount of space, it's the idea that they're removing functionality to force the user into a paradigm that may or may not be better for them. What makes me hate companies for doing it is that their principle motivation is following trends and squeezing money out of people.
    What depresses me is that it seems the entire industry doesn't give a good god damn about the consumer, and is run by people who would ram the Titanic straight into that ice berg in broad daylight with every single kind of RADAR, LIDAR, ultrasonic, and gravity-based imaging technology we can even dream of today pointed straight at it, each with their own color-coded warning light and discordant siren that go off the moment it comes up the horizon, while someone loudly reads each report of the ice berg into their ear and points at it. Just look at notches. Nobody likes them. I have not heard a single person, not one, say anything more positive than "eh, it doesn't bother me that much." But they just keep punching holes in otherwise great displays and ruining them, every single flagship phone, because they're not trying to make a good tool. They're not trying to make a good product. They would happily sell white paper bags filled with seawater as phones if they could make more money that way.
    Companies like Apple embody some of the most despicable and existentially terrifying failings of humanity in spectacular fashion.
    ... Uh... Damn. I guess I ranted a little bit. I don't... Uh... Usually do that...
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    Blasteque reacted to mr moose in Microsoft just opened sourced more Windows components, this time it's the calculator   
    If I am perfectly honest the response would be about the same as it is now.  Those who are young, idealistic and new to the world will laugh and joke and get their panties in a bunch while the rest of the world will think its nice and go back to work solving real problems.  
  17. Informative
    Blasteque reacted to straight_stewie in How do modern computers perform calculations?   
    woah dude. No!
    The question is actually very hard to fully answer. The answer to "How do I program a computer to conduct a varying sequence of mathematic operations" requires a relatively high amount of background knowledge. I will attempt to provide a basic overview, but be aware that it is an oversimplification of how things work.

    Things are inserted into spoilers to keep the reply from being a mile and a half long. You should read the spoilers in order.
    Getting the Computer to do Things
    Bringing it all together:

    Closing Remarks and Further Resources:
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    Blasteque got a reaction from Sovek in fettuccine or spaghetti   
    This is clearly a false dichotomy.  There are times when fettuccine is called for; other times spaghetti is the right choice.
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    Blasteque got a reaction from dalekphalm in fettuccine or spaghetti   
    This is clearly a false dichotomy.  There are times when fettuccine is called for; other times spaghetti is the right choice.
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    Blasteque reacted to minibois in A friend needs help   
    The problem is regarding the GPU not fitting with the radiator in the front?
    A 240mm rad also fits in the top of this case, which frees up some space for the GPU.
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    Blasteque got a reaction from XR6 in What do I need to do to become a commercial pilot?   
    You probably already tried a google search, but in case you didn't:
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    Blasteque reacted to RejZoR in Electronic Arts Stocks Takes A Nosedive Again   
    Gee, piss on customers, shove stupid loot garbage into everything and re-release same shit every year in an incomplete form and expect increase in profits. EA, did you forget how to business? I used to wait games in excitement. These days I can't even be bothered. I didn't care much about other games from EA, but I cared a lot about Need for Speed. I loved these series, but after shit with NFS Payback, they managed to piss me off too. Now, instead of enthusiasm, next NFS release will be based on pessimism: "Gee, I bet it'll suck just the same as Payback".
    I don't know about gaming industry, but I'm sure that's not how you make money...
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    Blasteque got a reaction from Ben17 in Motherboard w/ support for 8th gen Intel and ECC   
    If you're already set on Intel, then this isn't going to dissuade you, but the Ryzen 5 2200G supports ECC, so do most of the mobos (like ASRock - AB350M Pro4), and they're reasonably priced.
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    Blasteque got a reaction from JabroniBaloney in Need help fixing broken speakers, please!   
    There are probably two reasons for this: you're looking for very specific knowledge (how consumer products are modified to become displays) that is not widely known and the audio forums here see dedicated (and knowledgeable), but limited traffic.  If you don't get any responses here, try AVS forums.  Good luck!
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    Blasteque reacted to HarryNyquist in Is this safe?   
    I still don't understand why anyone would grey-market their operating system.
    Like sure, it's expensive, but if it stops working you can't use the fucking computer anymore*.
    (*unless you're willing to deal with Linux + Wine/Proton and all the stuff that goes with that, that is. Even with that, there is some software that will only run 100% properly on Windows)