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    Ryzen 3 1200
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    MSI Tomahawk
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    GTX 660 TI
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    Fractal Design Focus G Red

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  1. Hi all, My first real smartphone was a nexus 4 I bought 4-5 years ago, after swapping the lcd, as it had failed, I noticed that the proximity sensor was obstructed meaning whenever I place a call the screen goes black immediately until the call ends. Since then I’ve rooted the phone and installed poses, and the sensor disabled module. I then manually set the distance to it’s max, 5cm, and checked it with another app. Even though it reads 5cm the screen still goes black. Is there any simple solution to this problem? Thanks in advance,
  2. I recently decided to water cool my old raspberry PI B+ (original), but before I assmbled everything, i needed to stress test it for thermals. I ran the stress test after OCing it to "TURBO" and saw that after the test finished, it had only gone up 1 degree C. Any suggestions on what went wrong? Thanks
  3. Sooo, is the server up? Been meaning to get back into MC.
  4. i took the, originally black, shroud off by unscrewing a bunch of screws and then sanding the whole thing down, painting it with some gold spray paint i had and putting it back together.
  5. hey, have you checked the documentation? https://worldguard.enginehub.org/en/latest/
  6. @hypeftwmlg U still looking for people?
  7. I just upgraded to a 780 ti so I decided why not do something cool and kind if ridicules with my old card.
  8. Rate my paint It's a founders 660 ti
  9. googIe wifi speedtest, speedtest.net, games start suffering
  10. I need to us Msi Afterburner to limit fps on my stream or else the GPU is overloaded trying to get 100+ FPS, the problem is every time I launch Msi Afterburner my WIFI goes from 50+ megabits to less than 1 megabit. Does anyone know of a solution? Edit: I have re-installed it and it still hurts WIFI but not as bad (10 Mgbs)
  11. well, apprently it doesn't mater, MSI afterburner breaks the wifi. Any ideas?