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  1. The hp g4 mini takes an i7 8700 and many other processors. Too bad they make you buy a bunch of components. I wish these companies would just sell without memory, hard drive, os, and processor. The g4 looks great. I did a build with an inwin Chopin itx and it is a great little build. I would like to get something smaller for travel. I am not a gamer. Just making music
  2. Thanks but that's not what I'm looking for:/
  3. Hi, I have looked but can't seem to find this but barebones. I'm looking for a mini PC that I can put an i7 8700 into I already own all the components And the house g4 looks great. I would like to have Thunderbolt 3 And this case seems to be the only option I've got.... Hmm Any ideas?
  4. I suppose this was an option. Live and learn. Still... Noctua
  5. Do you know the rpm of the stock psu fan? Because this noctua is doing the job much better. No noise. Fan spins. It's an Upgrade for a reason. It's superior to the other fan. I didn't install the low noise wire. So it's spinning at 3700 rpm. You're acting as if I just took the fan out and left it alone. Lol Also the fan in the inwin Chopin used to be quiet. It just sucks and started getting really loud.
  6. You realize Noctua fans are some of the best in the industry?
  7. Just a heads up. The PSU on the Inwin chopin is crap. Well.... The fan is anyway. I just swapped the out the fan. Took about 25 minutes. And now this baby is dead silent. I cannot hear any noise at all unless I turn up the Processor fan via Speed Fan Controller. https://noctua.at/en/nf-a4x10-flx I swapped out the inwin supplied PSU fan for the Noctua. The only tricky part is that the Noctua has a LONG cable. So you have to tuck it inside the PSU. Also I did not use the low noise adapter. There was not enough room. But... Thankfully I do not need it.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a case for the following components. ASRock Itx z370 fatality I7 8700 Noctua nh-9i 16gb ram 1 nvme m.2 ... I don't need a graphics card. I'm using the PC for music production Don't need room for ssd and hdd and am looking for a pico psu. I don't need more than 200w
  9. I'd like to find a barebones laptop with thunderbolt 3 and the ability to put in an i5 8400 - i7 No luck so far. Unless I can get away with an i7 8550u with my music production. I'm not sure yet. I've yet to try one.
  10. I'm looking at this https://www.dubaro.de/Gaming-Notebook/Gaming-Notebook-Clevo-NB50TK1::3633.html But configuring it with a i5 8400 or better, Yes this laptop takes desktop PC's which is awesome.
  11. I'm from spain. I don't mind weight or battery life. Something on the slimmer side.
  12. Hi, I am looking for a laptop prefer 15.6" inch but open to everything above 14" I am running Virtual Instruments and effects, recording guitar, vocals, and using audio samples. I have a professional soundcard (external audio interface) so sound is not an issue I would prefer a thunderbolt 3 port (for audio interfaces (soundcards). But can make do without at least 1 NVME slot (prefer 2) I prefer an 8th gen 6 core either an i7 8400 or above I'd like to find a laptop around a 1k budget used I also prefer a slim laptop (not a fan of gaming laptops
  13. Well, I've got an inwin chopin. Which is tiny. I have one pcie slot. So I bought a m.2 to pcie. And moded my case and the pcie card. Now it fits and works. Good to know I could make use of the Pcie slot
  14. I don't see any ssd enclosures. Looks like PCIE is my only option