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  1. Yes! Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.
  2. Its mobile and high end that dont go together. The case isnt for everyone, just like anyother case. However if you want to have a power house and want to be able to take it places, my case works well. You want to take it to the office everyday go get something else, clearly I was not going for a small light case. Price is not to bad with finding a pelican for 85 locally. I had a custom bracket made for more strength to the rad. Otherwise the high costs are in the fans and 1080 radiator which would be the same in a traditional case mount. The expensive part is having that feature to begin with.
  3. I am building this to take the new pimax out and about once it gets here. Still waiting on the maximus x formula mobo to put the pc parts it.
  4. I was about to ask what Adrianos are good, however I feel I am going to have to do much more research. I dont see why power is an issue when sata cables are in the mix. Not to say its not an issue. The corsair does have some features, however I want to control each fan. Im not the only one running lpts of fans, there should be an easier way.
  5. Hi guys, im build my custom case and I would like some help understanding what I need to run the lights. I have not installed the mobo, as the maximus x formula is still not out. I want to control what colors and patterns to each fan instead of a group like now. I would also like to control to music. Will that work with just plugging into the mobo or do I need something else? I have heard Adriano talked about, but I know little about it. I have corsair. 10 120hd fans and 4 140hd fans. Also any ideas on extending the corsair rbg cables would be great.
  6. So of those i listed what do you think is the best, formula, apex, godlike. Or one you like more?
  7. So of those i listed what do you think is the best, formula, apex, godlike. Or one you like more?
  8. I have been looking at motherboards all week and its giving me a headache. They all say best this or that, and none of it makes sense. I am trying to build an overkill machine with the i7 8700k for January. What is the best asus mobo, the formula, the apex, the hero? Or This godlike board on site says is the best. If you dont concider money, is there not just a mobo that has everything, then less with less price from there? I have 15 fans, 1080 rad, probably 1080ti but i want to upgrade to 2080 as soon as thats out. I have a ridiculous amount of space in my custom case. Can someone please tell
  9. I like the seasonic prime.. I had just choosen the psu i had based on the rating and output. I like how the 120hd light up the fan case, also the price jump to the ll is a bit. I would have gone noctua fans, but I would like the rgb and the performance doesnt seem worth the trade. Have a better idea? 7000 is my whole budget, alot is going into the case for overkill cooling. Im building it for vr, but I want to be able to do more aswell.
  10. What is the difference in the posieden cards? I dont get all the 1080 cards.. I Might just get one for now and duel the 2080 when it comes out.
  11. Ah, that I didnt know.. However it hurt the vr right? If not it will still help with some video work or rendering.
  12. I am building a new computer for the release of the new 8k pimax vr headset. I plan to over kill it, starting with my case. I have a budget of around 7000 and am building it in Canada. Here is what I am planning. I have my case, rad and pump so far. Motherboard Maximus X Apex CPU/Processor Intel i7 8700k IC Diamond Thermal Compound GPU/ Graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 sli Liquid cooled Ram/Memory 32G Corsair dominator platinum DDR4 (2x16g) Pcu/Power supply Seasonic Platinum SS-1000XP 1000W
  13. So many names with numbers.. I admit so far I cant make any sence of motherboards. I am planning vr build in 3ish months for the pimax 8k. If the cost is less of an issue than high end and being as ready for things in future as possible, whats the best motherboard to go with. Only thing planned so far is I think Im going with i7 8700k. Is there a clear winner board?