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  1. the g6 is priced the same as the x3 which one is better
  2. this ? thats a weird looking mic input i need a 3.5 jack https://www.skroutz.gr/s/8556466/Behringer-U-Phoria-UMC202HD.html
  3. ill just go with the x3 tbh since its the cheapest option with a mic input
  4. i mean already stated like twice that onboard audio is not loud enough for my headset and u keep insisting on it , compared to my sound blaster z is night and day and u keep mentioning apple products like smh
  5. and as far as i understand dacs with just headphone jack dont work with mics
  6. i mean that doesnt amplify the sound does it , coz onboard audio is barely audible
  7. sounds good enough for me then its kinda the cheapest option for me anyway , and i was pretty satisfied with my sound b z ,
  8. the motherboard sound is just plain ass thats why i bought the sound card , i got the game one's sennheiser
  9. Hello , Not rly familiar with sound stuff , i had a sound blaster z for a few years which did a pretty good job sound wise the only down side was it was picking up coil whine through the headset and mic which started to get pretty annoying and i was looking of buying a dac/amp to get rid of it any recommendations ? was looking at , Creative Sound Card External USB Sound Blaster X3 7.1 Channel which it says they output the same db which im assuming is how loud they ll sound , unless i can get rid of the coil whine which after some research doesnt rly look possible , thanks
  10. dunno i was asking , i was thinking of buying a pair since the headband on my hyperx is comming lose
  11. nop europe and i dont rly care about colour accuracy to be honest plus i prefer 24" monitors since im kinda closed to it