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    smallfat reacted to Bsmith in [UPDATE 2] AMD Making An Announcement On September 25th."You ain't seen nothing yet"   
    "and to make our naming schedule easy to understand we will name our new high end gpu's the r9 100 series."
    i swear, they could pull that off.
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    smallfat reacted to Osama Adam in [UPDATE 2] AMD Making An Announcement On September 25th."You ain't seen nothing yet"   
    The blue pill is definitely not Nvidia.
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    smallfat reacted to schmidtc89 in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Looks like there will be announcements on Monday. https://twitter.com/CorsairGaming/status/513009888792825859
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    smallfat reacted to CatCloud in AMD Wants To Crash Nvidia's GTX 980 & 970 Launch Party   
    I find this stupid, as well as half the comments in this thread, especially the AMD users calling Nvidia user Nvidiots...grow the fuck up.
    As for the Game24 Event i hope nothing will happen, and if AMD users come i just hope only the Mature AMD people will go and not some hipster jackass jumping around shouting.
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    smallfat reacted to Uranus in AMD Wants To Crash Nvidia's GTX 980 & 970 Launch Party   
    Some seem to take seriously .. This is shows amd is not a boring company .
    Immature ? What , adults can't have fun too ? Just because they work on a big company doesn't mean they can't have fun anymore . It's actually a health sign , they didn't turn into zombie yet .
    This is all about fair play , the rival team is coming to your presentation , how good is that ? They are fucking getting more people on the rival team event , how is that offensive , it's actually a good thing for nvidia .
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    smallfat reacted to xAcid9 in AMD Wants To Crash Nvidia's GTX 980 & 970 Launch Party   
    More crowd the better. Doesn't matter red, green or blue, we all share the same dream... photorealism boob physics. Oh wait..
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    smallfat reacted to WereCat in AMD Wants To Crash Nvidia's GTX 980 & 970 Launch Party   
    Why should it be ruined?
    Just because I would wear AMD shirt on NVIDIA event doesent mean that I am not interrested in what are they showcasting and therefore I am trying to ruin it for them...
    Assuming that immature individuals will stay at home.
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    smallfat got a reaction from alekasas in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Me too, it's going to be my first Mech
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    smallfat reacted to dwitty in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    HAHA. Let me summarize for you:
    Corsair originally said late July for k70 with red switches and late august for everything else. That obviously didn't happen. 
    The K70 RGB with Cherry MX Red switches is now available for order if that is what you want. Waste no more time! Go buy it now!
    If, instead, you are waiting on the K70 with Brown/Blue switches or the K95 in any color of switches,  you will have to wait until "Late September" (Source: Corsair's Facebook page). I'm not sure about the release date for the K65... I don't recall reading an estimate for that one. 
    Prices (In the USA) are:
    K70: $169.99
    K95: $189.99
    K65: $149.99  (based on a dollar amount written on a display behind the K65 in a video showing the ten-key-less board) 
    If you want to know the prices outside of the USA... you'll have to check the thread, I didn't really pay much attention to that part heh heh (sorry)
    For more information you can check out this blog entry from Corsair James.
    On the page you will also find a download link for the software you'll need to program the RGB keyboards. I downloaded it but haven't used it yet... waiting on the K95 release !! (Blue switches)
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    smallfat reacted to Dantas in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Did any of you all see the pictures posted by Corsair today? K65(TKL) RGB confirmed!


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    smallfat reacted to mattmonkey24 in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    hey guys, i can't wait for the K95 RGB to have an announced release date, i really want it with brown switches but despite what the one Corsair representative said i really don't think they are going to do anything but MX reds
    also to the people who think they didn't change anything, on their facebook a Corsair representative claimed they found the problem and fixed it

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    smallfat reacted to allindaze in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Now we continue waiting
    I still feel like nothing has changed since I'm waiting for browns.
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    smallfat reacted to JellyD in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Yeah I just got an email from corsair saying the same thing. So that release date is confirmed. Now we wait for the blues and browns.
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    smallfat reacted to AllstaRawR in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    We care about the blues, c'mon!
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    smallfat reacted to Raichuboy17 in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    That sucks bro... How much is shipping? If you really want I would be willing to send one to you if you REALLY want it.
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    smallfat reacted to AlwaysFSX in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    My tits will not calm down because that is the most beautiful keyboard I've ever seen.
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    smallfat got a reaction from Ashiataka in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    With such delays I don't understand why they don't just release all the switches at once.
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    smallfat reacted to Dicehunter in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    And now your just insulting people who are looking forward to this product, There's no need to have such an attitude towards other people, Uncalled for.
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    smallfat reacted to TugginMyPudah in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    Because when they say Cherry Red, Blue, Brown, etc... Cherry is the Key designer. If they just refer to MX switches then they are a generic or Company made. Roccat for example makes their own Mechanical MX switch.  Corsain on the other hand is buying it from the company that makes the best switch aka Cherry.  As for The QA and Manufacturing process that was a guess. For all I know it could be a interface issue with a Corsair part or the Panasonic part or the software.
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    smallfat reacted to Blackserg in An Update From Corsair About The RGB Keyboards...   
    For me personally, I don't really care when it's releases. But of course i'd like to get it sooner than later.
    One thing that bothers me though, is that a couple of you on this thread keeps saying something like; "The fancy lighting is just crap and you are all idiots by buying it. It'll grow old in a month or two."
    Will the fancy lighting, with ripples and all that good stuff, grow old on me in a couple of month? Probably. But for me it's more about the estetics of the keyboard.
    - First of all, I like the looks of K70 (which is the one i'm going to buy).
    - Second. The fact that I can light up different zones/keys of the keyboard with different colors, makes it a 'must have' for me, since i'm almost always gaming in complete darkness. It makes it easier to find the specific key i'm looking for in the dark. This functionality can, somewhat, be achieved by getting the Steelseries Apex, but i just don't like the looks, nor the layout of the board.
    - Third. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes i find myself wishing i had RGB-lighting, to go match up with the coloring of the desktop-background, things on my table, lighting in the chasis, or other stuff in my office.
    Well.. The bottom line: For those of you who don't like the RGB-lighting, or light in keyboards at all, fine by me. But stay out of my head.
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    smallfat reacted to Dietrichw in FreeSync FAQ Released - pretty disappointing   
    $500?? R9 290x is not $500 unless it is on a really good sale 
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    smallfat reacted to Nineshadow in FreeSync FAQ Released - pretty disappointing   
    Ah, Nostalgia...
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    smallfat reacted to LinusTech in ASUS RoG G550JK Gaming Notebook & GIVEAWAY   
    NCIX: http://bit.ly/UXYMqg
    Amazon: http://geni.us/1IQe
    The G550JK is a well-balanced machine that strikes a solid balance between form factor, looks, performance, and cost.

    Alright, now onto the really good stuff. We have an ASUS G550JK (signed by some of the HighLANder attendees including Linus, Luke, Logan, and Austin) to give away to one lucky viewer! All you need to do to qualify is post your favourite thing about the G550JK from the review above in this thread and you can be selected at random to win this laptop!
    Best of luck to everyone!
    One entry per household.
    The giveaway is worldwide and closes July 18th. The winner will be drawn LIVE on The WAN Show, so make sure you're watching at twitch.tv/linustech at 4:30pm Pacific on July 18th!
    The winner of the notebook is ShuColate
    The previous winner did not respond, so we drew a new one - congratulations [member=jacewa]!
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    smallfat reacted to DaMagicalManiac in Pentium @ 4.6ghz on stock cooler (Devil's Canyon FTW!)   
    This overclockable Pentium G3258 packs quite a punch for a price of $70.
    Apparently it can also render frames just as well on BF4 as the 4690k and the 4790k, although I somehow doubt their review and you should also note that the k series parts are at stock speeds.
    Unfortunately this Pentium does require a Z97 mobo (maybe a Z87 with an updated firmware) but if this is as good as the two articles above we may be able to shave some money instead of going with an entry-level i5.
    Hopefully Linus (although Slick does the benchmarking) makes a video on this processor.
    (also, nudge nudge, where's our 4690k and 4790k benchmarks Mr Linus?????)
    EDIT: Moar benchmarks!
    It did surprisingly well, alot better than I would have thought on Crysis 3 as it was only 2 frames behind the 4690k on water overclocked @ 4.6ghz.
    However, unfortunately yet not surprisingly, the dual-core suffered in battlefield 4 due to the game demanding 4 threads.
    Maybe (and hopefully) it's just a bottleneck because the other benchmarks for BF4 were tested on a gtx 770, this was tested on a 780 ti.