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    RadCard reacted to rip in Ram?   
    some mobo allows server and desktop memory to use together, but most of the time you can't
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    RadCard got a reaction from Damascus in socket 1151?   
    thank you for your help Damascus :]
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    RadCard reacted to Damascus in socket 1151?   
    Just checked the website, you only get that combo on $100+ CPU's, meaning you can get an i3 for the same price as the g4560.  I recommend you wait for H310 and i3 8100 to be available and get them.
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    RadCard reacted to Dogsparky in socket 1151?   
    looks to be a good deal, seems like most places at least online have it for more than $60, though i think microcenter has a combo deal or something for motherboard and CPU for a certain amount off, never been to microcenter myself. just what i have heard
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    RadCard reacted to Dogsparky in socket 1151?   
    where do you normally like to buy from? newegg? amazon?
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    RadCard reacted to Damascus in socket 1151?   
    Yeah, it's not bad.  You can combo it with this guy for under $100 (though you need DDR4)
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    RadCard reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in socket 1151?   
    Gigabyte boards are really high quality. i have one that's more than 10 years old, and still works.
    don't know about msi boards though
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    RadCard reacted to Lennart van de Merwe in socket 1151?   
    Go with an MSI pro-vd board
    Or some H110M motherboard (like from gigabyte)
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    RadCard reacted to mariushm in GT 1030?   
    AFAIK GT 1030 doesn't suport 4k netflix, some driver limitation along with hardware encoding being disabled as well.
    maybe they changed it lately, i don't know.
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    RadCard reacted to snortingfrogs in GT 1030?   
    If you are going to use it in a HTPC for viewing Netflix in 4K I would recommend the 1030.
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    RadCard reacted to mariushm in GT 1030?   
    A more polished turd is still a turd. Both cards do 2D and video playback fine, and both cards can barely do any gaming. No point spending even a dollar more.
    Besides, you can buy something like a Radeon 4450 for example on eBay for 8-10$, maybe even less... that's also good enough for Windows, browsing and watching movies... and some super basic gaming.
    Here's an example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Ref-ATI-Radeon-HD4450-512MB-PCI-E-1x-DVI-1x-DisplayPort-Video-Card-C7MG0/182280983263
    Or you can buy a lot of 20 Radeon 6350 for 115$ (<6$ a piece) and some DMS-59 adapter cables for ~3.5$ a piece then sell 19 cards for 10-12$ a piece : https://www.ebay.com/itm/LOT-OF-20-AMD-ATI-Radeon-HD6350-HD-6350-512MB-PCI-e-x16-DMS-59-Video-Cards-GPU/401206301848
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    RadCard reacted to m0k in GT 1030?   
    for a dollar more i would get this
    192 cuda cores vs just 16 !!
    and a new one for $5 more https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127931
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    RadCard reacted to minibois in GT 1030?   
    That's a okay price on the card. But if it is not gaming, what do you need the videocards for?
    Video editing? 3D rendering?
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    RadCard reacted to Damascus in GT 1030?   
    Eh, heres one new for 69.99
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    RadCard reacted to mariushm in GT 1030?   
    If you don't intend to use it for gaming, buy something cheaper
    A GT210 card is 30$ and some are passively cooled and they're old enough to have vga connectors in case you stumble upon an older lcd monitor with VGA only inputs.
    Here's an example: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125402&ignorebbr=1
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    RadCard reacted to ProjectBox153 in optiplex 9010   
    What particular part? The chipset? Ethernet drivers?
    Here's the link to the drivers site. You just Google the model. http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/optiplex-9010/drivers
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    RadCard reacted to aisle9 in optiplex 9010   
    What @Jamiec1130 said. Dell is fantastic with driver support, which is one of the many reasons that I believe there's no better base for your cheapo gaming PC needs than an off-lease Optiplex.
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    RadCard reacted to Archemis. in witch headset?   
    Hyper X cloud II
    agreed! i have one and it is an amazing headset and its super comfortable for long all night gaming sessions.
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    RadCard reacted to valdyrgramr in witch headset?   
    Hyper X Cloud II
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    RadCard reacted to kb5zue in cleaning   
    Not a problem, I have been using horse-hair paint brushes just for that job for years and don't see any reason to stop any time soon.  My vote is to go ahead and use the brush.
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    RadCard reacted to Coaxialgamer in 2nd and 3rd gen compatible ?   
    H61, b65, z68, b75, z75, p67, h77 and z77, not to mention business grade q series boards. 
  22. Informative
    RadCard reacted to just_dave in 2nd and 3rd gen compatible ?   
    H61, H77/Z77, Z68 i think
  23. Agree
    RadCard reacted to AluminiumTech in gtx 950 or rx 560 both 2GB version   
    I'd personally go with an RX 560 instead of a 950.
    Although a 4GB variant is preferable.
  24. Agree
    RadCard reacted to RadiatingLight in gtx 950 or rx 560 both 2GB version   
    Try maybe finding a used GTX 680/770, or R9 280/280X or something?
    used high-end older cards are better than new low-end cards.
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    RadCard reacted to ItsTheDuckAgain in gtx 950 or rx 560 both 2GB version   
    in other words:
    take the one that comes in a color you like....