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  1. how do i protect my pc from Meltdown & Spectre
  2. yes im in the US and thx for the link
  3. any Amazon newegg micro center eBay
  4. online but i found cables for 2.5 inch drives and not 3.5 drives
  5. i need to a sata to usb cable but im going to use it for a 3.5 inch HDD i cant find one
  6. whats the difference between desktop memory and server memory and can i use server memory in a desktop
  7. windows 7 and its a stander account not admin
  8. i gave my grandmother my old pc and she has not used it in a while and for got the password to her user how do i reset the password pleas help
  9. thank you for your help Damascus :]
  10. if there is a deal for that then i will but i want a motherboard thats compatible with 6th and 7th gen CPUs so i can upgrade later and this is not an argent thing ill wait to find a good deal on ddr4 ram
  11. I usually buy from Micro Center thats where i found the G4560 for $60
  12. yes i think 60 dollars is a good price but i want to ask around before i buy it
  13. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i3-7100-vs-Intel-Pentium-G4560/3891vs3892 the i3 dose't seem like a good deal for the price
  14. ive been looking around for this CPU and see it go for almost $100 and im trying to build a cheap socket 1151 gaming rig
  15. i found a Intel Pentium G4560 for 60 dollars new and i wanted to get into the socket 1151 is that a good price for the CPU? thanks
  16. i found a $59.96 GT 1030 SC version open box at a local store is that a good price to buy and no i dont intend to use it for gaming
  17. i'm looking for a good Rotary Tool that can cut PC cases to clear room for video cards and such any recommendations anyone?
  18. i got this pc and i was wondering if there are oem drivers for the motherboards thanks
  19. RadCard

    witch headset?

    i have a budget of $100 USD and im looking for a nice gaming headset any ideas guys? thanks
  20. would it be safe to clean the dust off of a video cards back with a tooth brush
  21. i was looking around eBay for a socket 1155 motherboard and i found some OEM motherboards for nice prices but i want a board that will be compatible with 2nd and 3rd gen intel processors can someone give tell me the chipsets i need to look for thanks
  22. I was thinking about theses card and was wondering witch would preform better? thanks