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    emachado99 reacted to X1XNobleX1X in Apple hit with class action lawsuit over iOS 9’s performance on older iPhones   
    Oh, come on guys....
    What the hell do you expect? All their older phones to run IOS without issues? Especially on hardware that is 4+ years old.
    You are given a choice to install it or not, although it may remind you every few days, it doesn't automatically download and install the update, they're lucky they even bothered updating the older generation phones to IOS 9.
    Either way, I had an Iphone 4S with IOS 9 and it ran quite well for old hardware, so I'm not entirely sure what they're talking about.
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    emachado99 got a reaction from EthanTheFrogMan in Amazon F**@cked up- Infinite return window on items from whenever   
    Huh, not sure if this abuses the policy or not, but this may be a good way for people who want to start review channels or sites for products on a budget. Buy an item, and can return it whenever for 80% of the items value.
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    emachado99 reacted to DhruvS in Should I pick up 2nd gen Moto E on sale?! ($69.99)   
    my grandfather just got it.I like it quite a lot.the screen could be bigger though nut the resolution is totally fine.
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    emachado99 got a reaction from kameshss in Should I pick up 2nd gen Moto E on sale?! ($69.99)   
    I've actually been looking into the phone more, and aside from the screen resolution, it appears to be on par with the second gen Moto G. The CPU and GPU are actually slightly better..
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    emachado99 reacted to Si3Rra_7 in My CoWorker is an old fart.   
    use this : 
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    emachado99 reacted to Enderman in Should I skip school tomorrow?   
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    emachado99 reacted to Statik in Help with work/truck problems.   
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    emachado99 reacted to NeatSquidYT in Beats Music is shutting down this month   
    I hope Beats shuts down as a whole.
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    emachado99 reacted to Volbet in Am I lucky?   
    No, you aren't lucky. You just aren't adventurous. 
    Now it is time for you to overclock your CPU.
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    emachado99 reacted to DigitalHermit in Is Reusing Old Mobile Devices Worth It?   
    Fix font color for night theme user please...
    Also, re-use is a case-to-case basis...
    i.e. a P4 PC is inadequate for today's applications... however a dumbphone from the early 2000s is still usable as long as your area still has the older 2G towers in operation...
    It's more practical to send obsolete and non-usable devices for materials recovery than to force a reuse...
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    emachado99 reacted to Aytex in Let's talk deodorant...   
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    emachado99 reacted to ThatOneRussian in "Missile Testing" Over Southern California.   
    Remember the time I believe North Carolina was nearly nuked by the USA. 2.0.
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    emachado99 reacted to Aytex in Uwe Boll wants to nuke Mexico and the LGBT if he becomes US President   
    its like your trying to cause a religious/flamewar on purpose
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    emachado99 reacted to TopDollar in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    National Rally is actually still a pretty close knit community. I had a friend in college who got me into it as she is a professional co-driver. Her mentor at the time, "Crazy Leo" Urlichich, came for a visit one weekend with his recce car (a fully built Subaru STI rally car) and took me for a ride around some back dirt roads. Was hooked on it ever since then. I've since volunteered at a few rallys (both Rally America and CRC) as a radio operator and it's always fun to see a lot of the same people at every event. Having it be a more grassroots sport makes it a lot more fun in my experience. 
    Considering it's my first post on here, and my love of cars, figured I might as well show off my ride. A 2015 Ford Fiesta ST.

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    emachado99 reacted to danomicar in Things Just Got Even Worse For VW   
    I don't really think this is too bad. Terrific buying opportunity for VW stock right now. They're going to bounce back, they're the like the largest freaking car company in the world! Nobody stopped buying Toyota or GM when they had their scandals, and theirs were matters of life and death! 
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    emachado99 reacted to SuperShires in Things Just Got Even Worse For VW   
    Ive had my Golf Mk6 TDI for 6 months now, and Im annoyed that this is happening, Im still paying off my bank loan for it and if the value drops on my car I'll be livid..
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    emachado99 reacted to 79 Potatoes in Things Just Got Even Worse For VW   
    Ironically I know quite a bunch of people that are watching VW's cars to see if they're going to lower their prices due to all this crap
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    emachado99 reacted to Swndlr in Things Just Got Even Worse For VW   
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    emachado99 reacted to Aytex in Windows in Windows in Windows, thanks Windows 10   

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    emachado99 reacted to ShadowCaptain in Windows in Windows in Windows, thanks Windows 10   
    New task for you
    Create a virtual machine each time getting progressive older and older
    so 10, 8.1, 7, xp, etc etc etc
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    emachado99 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Scion iA and Toyota Yaris, Has Toyota Officially Shat Themselves?   
    The pictures speak for themselves. I know there was collaboration between Mazda and Toyota to create the new Yaris; but boy, were we in for a shock.
    Mazda 2 interior:
    Scion iA interior:
    Toyota Yaris interior:
    Mazda 2 side:
    Toyota Yaris side:
    Scion iA side:
    And if you're wondering, yes the engines are the same as well.
    Mazda 2 engine:
    Toyota Yaris/ Scion iA engine:
    What are your thoughts on Toyota's "new" vehicle? I'm baffled because both vehicles are competing in the same segment.
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    emachado99 reacted to LinusTech in Scion iA and Toyota Yaris, Has Toyota Officially Shat Themselves?   
    Geo Metoro
    Suzuki Swift
    Pontiac Firefly
    (probably more I'm forgetting)
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    emachado99 reacted to thekeemo in Scion iA and Toyota Yaris, Has Toyota Officially Shat Themselves?   
    They aren't competing
    Same thing with the FRS/BRZ/GT86
    Slightly different options and that's it
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    emachado99 reacted to Godlygamer23 in Any hot babes here?   
    Using my magical, otherworldly powers, this thread is now locked.