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  1. this should have gone to the first guy picking 713, ME, no way 3 guys picked the same random number between 1 and 1000, not even funny. ? but hey your rules, i pick 396, let's see how many pick the same good damn number.
  2. gta vice city. The soundtrack, the story, it's gta
  3. that i don't get, hasn't the Mexicans the ones paying for the hall? just sent them an invoice
  4. rtx is a complete failure as it is, i would much prefer to buy a gtx 1180ti for much less money and no RTX. Most think the same, 1080ti's just flew of the shelfs lately even at inflated prices.
  5. don't do that, save some money and go for 120hz or 144hz
  6. should tell us what pc you have including monitor and what you want to play.
  7. maybe you have defragment on in windows. happened to me with hdd. have no idea if it does that on ssd's
  8. someone is pissed Brexit is not advancing and decided to stop the migrants from coming in to the UK. Build the wall, make UK great again ?
  9. apple customers are treated like sheep and like it ?
  10. i can not see a single use i had for it in my house.
  11. Come on all this complaining, is people really buying windows? I fell this is a paralell reality in that no one wants to say the thruth. People either get a cracked version or buy some cheap ebay license. And MS knows this very well and doesn't care because its worked for them, increases user base and makes windows the relevant OS. If windows were to be a paid product for real, it would be its death. So go ahead MS i dare you.
  12. you could either cure cancer or generate random faces, easy choice. Good use of tech
  13. ripping the developers of 30%, Valve should even go to your house and clean the floors.
  14. the czechs know as much about this as i do, "our findings" my ass. Go with the herd. Still i do get the better safe then sorry argument.
  15. i had no idea. I guess it's the price to beat steams monopoly. it's not a race to the bottom, it seems rather the steam cut was to big (as i've always said) and now everyone wants a piece, offering larger percentages to developers and still free games and it makes business sense to them. Eventually 2 or 3 big players will emerge in the end i believe. This is god for developers, they will have more money to create games, and not waste 30% that can go to developing games onto a storefront and making Gabe even more insanely rich
  16. the problem is that law makers are retarded in tech sense. Recently i was hearing the us congress vs google, and there was some old guy complaining to google ceo about is apple phone, he had to answer apple was a differente company ?