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    Russia (jk)
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  • CPU
    QHQG @ 3.9 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Z170 Pro4
  • RAM
    8GB DDR4@2600
  • GPU
    Dual GTX 750 TI in SLI
  • Case
    Rosewill something something
  • Storage
    250GB M.2 SSD, 3TB SATA, 120GB Sandisk Plus SSD
  • PSU
    600w Bronze cert PSU
  • Display(s)
    ACER XF240H 144Hz Monitor
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    Cougar Attack X3 w/ Brown Switches
  • Mouse
    Rival 300
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    Win 10 Pro 64b

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  1. Well spending $50 on an extra cooler, buying a Z series Motherboard (ik B and H arent out but still price is high), and no BLK OC past skylake, Id say not a good deal..
  2. Again, X series motherboards were pretty expensive at least when I checked..
  3. Really? I looked into the Lga1366 series ones and unfortunately X59 Mobos are hella expensive.. Those 6 core babies are certainly a bargain if the Mobos werent $300.
  4. Well yea but just saying, every1 likes money and these guys found it easier to simply make a ransom ware.
  5. I know, but thanks to BLK Overclocking, I OCed it to 3.9GHz and only run a bit slower than a stock 6700K, I simply would like to see if I can get it on Par. The reason I got this was because I'm a poor student and unfortunately I cant afford a brand new 7700k (best consumer grade CPU when I purchased this). Heck I even use a cheap method to SLI my 2 750 Tis, but thanks for the advice, I originally looked into buying used xeons but sometimes the boards were just too expensive if I wanted a non-Server/Workstation Mobo.
  6. Also Id honestly spend a bit more on this build for the K series CPU because 1. Its a Z Series Mobo and 2. U got a nice cooler for a CPU a stock cooler can cool...
  7. Any reason for the Vega over an Nvidia Alt? Just curious
  8. Jesus, thats a lot of SSDs..... Can I get some for free lol
  9. Hello Everyone at LTT Forums, I currently own a QHQG which is basically a Q0 stepping ES version of the 6700K, its was still a good deal after ryzen and coffelake but I picked it up this summer for $100 and I have the L506 revision of the chip so according to statistics has a 70% of achieving a BLK OC over 4GHz and at the moment, I have 3.9 GHz stable with 24x Mult. and 158.3Base Clock speed with RAM from 2400-->2600 (the computer fails to boot after if I lower it to 2400 and I realized the cache somehow jumps up). When I turn it up to ~~166 BaseC, it would give me a blue screen short
  10. Hello So currently I have an HP Proliant SE316M1 (basically DL160 G6) and I wanna use it as a rendering server in my room. The main issue is the rackmount server's fans which are usually a vacuum cleaner if not worse... I want to install a few aftermarket coolers for the CPU and an extra fan or two for the overall system cooling taking off the top lid. However before I buy my parts, does anyone know if I can make these things boot without fans in? Or maybe short a pin to make it think its in? Any insight will be appreciated.
  11. Not only hard but expensive lol.. AMD can OC on cheap mobos but not intel..