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    _Kaurus reacted to TheBean in Which Straight Forward Router to use?   
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    _Kaurus reacted to TheBean in Which Straight Forward Router to use?   
    And its by ubiquity so you can bet its good reliability. 
    Edit: and its managed!!
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    _Kaurus got a reaction from TheBean in Which Straight Forward Router to use?   
    you hero! that's not a bad price too boot.  thanks a heap!
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    _Kaurus got a reaction from MartinKweh in No 12v RGB header on mobo   
    something like this? first result on google for 'RGB controller'
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    _Kaurus got a reaction from scruffies in Saving up to upgrade Mobo & CPU.. ideas?   
    The R5 3600 will blow your mind compared to your 4790 CPU and it's decently budget friendly.  That + NVME SSD (5x faster throughput than a standard SSD).
    Though, you could also go last gen Ryzen 2700, which has 2 more cores which would prove useful to your video editing use case at the cost about 15% single core IPC (gaming).
    Personally, I'd stay away from any Intel CPU that doesn't have it's security flaws fixed since their performance is diminishing seemingly every month. That would mean you'd need a 10 series.
    With Ryzen 4k around the corner, I would not be buying any CPU right now.  I would wait for 4k and then the price drop and reassess Ryzen 3k price points or buy the 4k if it's worthy.
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    _Kaurus got a reaction from M4gkman in Computer randomly cuts off and turns back on?   
    I have a lot of that particular error as well, though those do not make your system crash.  keep looking to see if anything useful is there that can point you into the right direction regarding a hardware fault or failure to load drivers.
    If nothing is present in the event viewer then you'll likely need to start swapping hardware piece by piece. I'd start with just CPU, mobo and a single piece of ram installed and see if the problem persists.  if it does, swap in a different ram stick. if there is still a problem then it's your either your CPU (not likely), mobo (things do get old) or PSU (things do get old).
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    _Kaurus got a reaction from M4gkman in Computer randomly cuts off and turns back on?   
    Load up your windows event viewer and go to windows logs > system.  Here you will have a list of errors and events going on.  

    It will help you to understand when your crash happened, and what the fault was and on what device.
    I'm my experience, totally random restarts happens when:
    The Power Supply starts to kick the bucket and cannot provide consistent voltages to your hardware so the robust mobo safety features force reboots the system Any single piece of hardware in your system is going bad and the Mobo is forcing a reboot because of it. So, event viewer, find out the device that's messing you up, then replace it.   Good luck!
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    _Kaurus got a reaction from TheBean in Need Help With My Overheating Laptop!!!   
    Laptops run hot, specially if you're tasking them.   If you're gaming and it goes to 95 degrees it's not unheard of.
    Due to the huge heat in laptops, it's not uncommon for paste to get "brunt" and need replacing.  This is where i would start.
    You can use ANY thermal paste that's for PCs. I wouldn't put much thought into it.. what ever has a good rating on amazon is fine.