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  1. That's a bit extreme for having a single driver that is causing issues and mostly unhelpful. r5 3600
  2. Hi Team, I've a significant issue going on with my system that causes the service to spike, peg 100% CPU, and then cause video/sound and performance hiccups for like 40 seconds to 2 minutes at a time. They eventually subside until the next occurrence. I've been trying to follow these directions, though I can't locate the kernalrate.exe anywhere in the install directory or explorer search of C: drive after I install WDK (Windows Device Kit). I did install to the default directly, which I can locate, but the exe is not there. I'm guess I've not downloaded the correct f
  3. The drive is Adata SU655. I've used their drive in the past, no issues.
  4. Hey folks, I'm in a bit of a fuss here. This computer stopped recognizing the new SSD (few months old) and when I swapped what Sata port it was plugged into the SSD registers to Bios once again, but it will not boot. Stuck at a blinking underscore. I've moved the SSD into my drive toaster, and trying to read from it on my own computer, and explorer just crashes and the busy light just blinks away on the toaster. it would be great to get into the drive and save some pictures. Anyone have an idea what I can do next?
  5. I don't know what Switch0 interface is That's port three and it goes up to the other up stairs wifi router "internet" port. So, move the plug from Wan to Eth1 or something and turn off DHCP. Will the upstairs router still get internet then?
  6. I had it setup as an access point when I had two wifi's in the house, though switching between access points was not working good since neither signal would ever get weak enough to warranty an auto switch, so I decided to leave DHCP enabled and let the humans pick what network connection they wanted.
  7. So I can connect to my second router's UI while i'm directly connected to the router or connected through Wifi, but for whatever reason, I cannot connect to it from my desktop through my router. I have a modem, then an edgerouterX. Port 0 = modem port 1 = My desk top port 2 = my power line adapter port 3 = my other router - Dlink - DIR-880L You'd think it's be as easy as putting the IP which was assigned to the port 2 or port 3 device into your web browser, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Lucky me, power line adaptor has a scan tool that ca
  8. There is certainly a pattern, isn't there. Like heat or the amount of toner coming out is strobbing. unfortunately i don't know what to contribute at this point.
  9. so then that would say your fan profile was like in silent mode or low volume mode or something similar. nice job fixing it!
  10. 40 for normal operation is fine Put that silver on there and that will help with your max temps.
  11. ya and to top it off, i have a stables credit i can use! what a guy, What A Guy! thanks!
  12. you hero! that's not a bad price too boot. thanks a heap!
  13. Factory thermal paste is often lacking but tends to get the job done, though I never use it unless I have to. The bottom of your cooler and the CPU heat spreader may not be perfect flat (rarely are) so the factory paste might not be sufficiently placed to cool your unique stuffs. The 8700 isn't a crazy hot beastly CPU. I think you should be getting around 80 degrees +/- with the thing running full out in synthetic benchmarks. The be quiet! Dark Rock 4 is massive, and should have more than enough capacity to cool your 8700. I would get some after market p
  14. The GPU will only throttle what ever amount it needs to keep you running and not burning up For the most part it would only affect your FPS while you were 100% utilizing the GPU.