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    papajo got a reaction from Voy in Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions   
    Now that graphics cards have ridiculous prices and almost nobody can afford one share some wisdom to the poor children and make a video about getting a mxm to pci-e x16 adpter like this one 
    And add a used/sourced from an other laptop (or buying a laptop extracting the GPU selling the laptop or "returning it" as doa 😛 ) mxm GPU to play your games! 
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    papajo got a reaction from Moonzy in Asrock h110 pro BTC+ 100% unstable, rebooting all the time.   
    I have the same board I fixed it by installing an INF driver during the installation I cant remember the exact process Ill get back to you when I remember it. 
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    papajo got a reaction from j.son19 in What pisses you off with PC building?   
    having magnets near circuitry is not the best thing although in most  occasions with PC hardware it will not prove to be harmful it is better to avoid that, it is better to have a magnetic screw driver instead (and decide when to use it instead of a normal one) 
    because then what happens if you want to put the mobo in a non standard casing? Or in case it gets damaged what would you do then? replace the whole motherboard or live with it as is? 
    they could have it premounted though and add the ability to eject the shield if needed but that costs money (a few cents maybe a couple of bucks ) which greedy manufacturers frown upon 😛 unless they already charge you e.g $300 to $500 for a mobo lol 
    There is a reason of backwards compatibility + you can feed multiple devices from a single molex while you cant do the same out of a sata power  connection. 
    Obviously sata cables have their own advantages such as lower impedance and 3.3v rail (which is rarely used on the other hand) 
    As for what grinds my gears? PRICES I hate paying more for the same or lower quality stuff (speed is not a factor included since it applies on specific hardware e.g CPU/GPU/RAM which doesnt apply to e.g cases or coolers etc) and should be a given a newer generation device should be more performant compared to last gen otherwise why to have a new gen in the first place it's how computer technology worked for decades now  (new gen faster at the same or lower price while last gen getting a significant pricedrop) with the exception of the recent years 
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    papajo reacted to Levent in How fo i know if usb gen 3.2 gen 2 is used to power transmission?   
    Ah, I believe that website is asking if you will be powering another device with USB PD, which can deliver up to 100W. If you dont plan on powering a compatible laptop through USB, you dont need to worry about that.
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    papajo got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Apple ARM is superior?   
    it's an arm chip don't get so much excited besides that it will probably be the same thing just bigger with more cores.
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    papajo got a reaction from NineEyeRon in Is it stupid to buy 144hz monitor with rx 580   
    Buy the best monitor you can no matter if your current GPU cant handle to max it out 
    A Motiro's lifespan can exceed several upgrades of the rest of your gear. 
    So e.g if prices fall and you get a better GPU your monitor will still be nice 
    In the meantime just get a freesync one so that you can get advantage of smooth gameplay even if your GPU cant hit near your monitors max refreshrate in terms of FPS @ your monitors resolution. 
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    papajo got a reaction from BTGbullseye in Can't find any 3rd party reviews...   
    Lol I didnt notice that EVGA did not have scalping prices kudos 
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    papajo reacted to Coolart1 in RAM speed is locked, help!   
    I was wrong, guess it was 8 gb stick and 4gb stick. But hey, untrained human eye does wonders in mother nature!
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    papajo got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in RAM speed is locked, help!   
    That will enable to set available options but the chipset it self (with whatever bios aka other motherboards with the same chipset dont support it) cant support frequencies greater than 2133Mhz (nor does the CPU support over 2400 mhz btw) 
    You need to change power settings bus frequencies and god knows what else, I think you should not give TS just a simply unlocked option if the underlying foundation for it is not present it could cause damage. 
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    papajo got a reaction from Sp4gh3tti in Artifacts   
    Do you use a water cooler for your CPU ? if that is the case check for leakages(get a piece of toilet paper gently touch along the surface and see if it absorbed any moisture do the same for the pipes )  maybe a drop fell down on your GPU and now it vaporized and the GPU works ok again. 
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    papajo got a reaction from HanZie82 in Can't find any 3rd party reviews...   
    Sorry didnt notice the "hybrid" part but having said that it is the same card but with an AIO slammed on it so that's what you can expect from it but with lower temps
    (waste of money imho) no wonder you cant find a review you are looking for a niche card of a lineup that barely anyone can take a hold of a GPU in general 😛
    Good luck though 
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    papajo got a reaction from Vishera in Why do Linus always play DOOM?   
    Because according to linus while playing this game "pew pew aaaw pew pew pew i kiiilled you pew pew I am dead" 
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    papajo got a reaction from Johnny999 in Artifacts   
    Do you use a water cooler for your CPU ? if that is the case check for leakages(get a piece of toilet paper gently touch along the surface and see if it absorbed any moisture do the same for the pipes )  maybe a drop fell down on your GPU and now it vaporized and the GPU works ok again. 
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    papajo got a reaction from ninjaboyxd629 in GT 1030 Black Screen When Connected in Mobo   
    The issue (assuming the the graphics card is working) is that the output of your 1030 is digital (dvi-D) 
    Your mobo and monitor have VGA which is analogue. 
    So when you connect the monitor to the mobo it works. 
    When you connect the graphics to the monitor it doesnt work because your adapter is for for DVI-A or  DVI-I which can give an analog signal. 
    To confirm that watch the GT 1030's DVI output and see with which one of the following it  matches 

    I bet it matches to one of the DVI-D variants. 
    The solution to that is either to change your monitor (or look if your monitor has other inputs other than VGA e.g HDMI or something else) 
    Or to get yourself an active adapter e.g https://www.amazon.co.uk/Active-DVI-D-Adapter-Benfei-Female/dp/B07D3XZ9SD (note that it must have "active" in its name to work) 
    But before that check that the GPU is working by bringing your PC to your cousin and connect it to the monitor or bringing the graphics card and test it in your cousins computer. 
    But I think it does work since that would also explain why you have to take the card off in order for the monitor to work once you connect the cable back to the motherboard (the motherboard found a working GPU on PCIe and set that as default display adapter if the graphics card would not work it probably would not switch the default graphics to the PCIe but that's not always the case) 
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    papajo reacted to Letgomyleghoe in EVGscalp   
    where did you find that A is valid in the first place, your morals do not equal mine, or anyone else's, how does this even apply to the conversation? Your questions and statements are moving this conversation completely sideways.

    And assuming that A has any validity in the first place, no it does not change it. A is stating that killing someone is "not good advice" or not a good idea, an action that was completed at the request of a governmental body doesn't care about good ideas or advice, It doesn't alter people's morals, people will still follow what they believe, and believe what they believe. An example of this would be the removal or stricter laws on executions in the U.S.

    and further going back to your question about requests to annex from the united states and/or revolutions, that doesn't happen very often because people have a say, they are able to change things, the laws in your area are a fluid document, always changing at the people request. Why revolutionize when you can do it a much less violent, more professional way? 
    the civil war was a revolution of many millions of people, why does size matter anyway? these are people trying to change things they don't like, the literal main point of discussion, you're grasping at threads at this point, and you aren't making any sense. 
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    papajo reacted to Aereldor in 5500xt 8gb v 1660 super   
    1660 super is faster. $1000 for a PC with just a 1660 super? That should be illegal lol
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    papajo got a reaction from metaleggman in UK Parliament discussing motion to make 'scalping' of consoles like Xbox Series X|S and PS5 illegal   
    That's not the case even in US the most capitalist pro super company country
    When everybody involved in the chain does that its price manipulation/cartel practice and it is illegal same reason why milk for example costs a few cents to a buck and not 10$ despite the high demand.  https://www.globallegalinsights.com/practice-areas/cartels-laws-and-regulations/usa
    I seen a lot in this forum arguments like "they are a for profit company"  "its a free market" "it is capitalism" 
    But cartel practices, antitrust and profiteering are still illegal and considered unethical even in the US (and a lot more in the EU) 
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    papajo got a reaction from Aereldor in has Anthony been to college ?   
    out of topic ..kinda... but I saw this and always wondered if it is him (probably at a younger age)

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    papajo reacted to aPCdreamer in What pisses you off with PC building?   
    Not being able to get the parts!
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    papajo reacted to artuc in Does this seem off to anyone else?   
    Dead giveaway is they even have a pic in the listing of how unimpressed you'll look when you realise you've been had.

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    papajo got a reaction from rotexenv2 in Ryzen 9 5900x temperature   
    And you think that because of? 
    CPUs produce heat. 
    Water cooling isn't going to cool something less than your room temperature water is a medium to transfer heat the fans are to help water lose the heat it absorbed (from the CPU) faster. 
    Also what would you hope for even if it did cool the CPU lets say to 20c ? Nothing would change in terms of stability and performance. 
    And your CPU can handle temperature well above 30C even high 90s are still within tolerances. 
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    papajo got a reaction from whm1974 in Future of x86   
    but unlike HDDs CISC x86 has no fear of being obsolete by something else ... this entire topic is based on memes and marketing (probably from Apple M1 ) 
    They are not as fast as x86 as solid and redundant as safe  and never will be. 
    they dropped support in the sense that they wont help you with any issue, they wont release any new updates for safety or compatibility or whatever.
    The OS it self can be installed to your system and run 
    No it shows how fast can things go if you are a closed software ecosystem and work on your own hardware 
    They are faster (compared to older i5 found in older MacBooks ) because a) code efficiency  b) bad thermals in said macbooks c) compared to old stuff.
    If you compare it to a  decent  portable x86 cpu implementation it will either outright lose 
    Or in instances it will win it will be because the apple OS and code being better optimized  than whatever substitute you run to test the x86CPU 
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    papajo got a reaction from jwwagner25 in I got scalper prices on Zotacs website   
    You shouldn't be grateful That's the problem!
    And the fact that the manufacturers themselves sell at "scalping" prices proves my arguments about "scalpers" being the scapegoat and just a fabrication for the manufacturers and maybe also nvidia and AMD themselves to profiteer over our hard-earned money! 
    A gray area scam! 
    More about this:  
    And the older one 
    This has gotten ridiculous they laugh right at us!  
    It has gotten to the point where e.g with a budget of $1000 (even accounting for inflation!) you could get a much faster PC a year ago or more so in the PAST with the OLDER tech (that is still available today for sale btw!) compared to if you have that same budget and want to build a rig NOW despite new gen and old gen still available for sale supposedly!     Even if you chose the same exact gear in past compared to our present!
    What happened to computing getting faster and cheaper every year? our past selves from 2019 2018 2017 down to the 80's would LAUGH if we told them that it is more cheap to make a PC build in the past instead of getting new gen now or older gen in the present (because older gen prices for decades now  are supposed to fall dramatically with new gen launches and as time passes in general! )
    It is a facade and not funny at all they have no excuses and something needs to be done (other than praising our overlords and be grateful that they tear us a new one for a piece of hardware that will be obsolete in a couple of years max) ! 
    It is not unheard of and in other markets governments have enforced things when profiteering was at play by the big corporations  talk to your eu representative or your governor! or your consumer rights organization!  we need to start lobbying as consumers to put an end to this! 
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    papajo got a reaction from PWforPower in currys.co.uk some gpus in stock ?   
    What I would do (If i really didnt care about the price) is that I would phone them ask if they have that particular one I want available and say that I will come by tomorrow to get one and ask them politely to reserve one because I will have to make a large trip to get there and it would be a shame to make all that effort and expenses to go there without getting one (while asking them to double check their stock just to be sure) 
    Then I would send a delivery service describing them to pretend to be buyers, those services would do such a thing if they dont have to give fake details,(which would have a kinda hefty fee, a big two digit or small three digit number) to go to the shop collect on my behalf and forward it to me via mail. 
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    papajo got a reaction from ProjectBox153 in Is there any 3D models of the Socket 478 Socket?   
    why to hassle so much? just get a piece of porus foam e.g looking like that

    and stick the CPU on top of it.