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  1. UPDATE! Thanks to the input from here and from the discord the problem appears to be fixed for now. For the record, I changed the settings in asus UEFI for fast boot, and in windows power settings fast start up and disabled them both. Now the system seems to start up as normal. And either way, the start up is much faster without rebooting over and over before getting to log in. I'm attaching a video showing the new start up.
  2. Correct. I went to the discord for some help and someone suggested to turn off the fast boot as it might have something to do with it and I've noticed that the problem is absent so far. I disabled it in windows and in the UEFI, I'll update in a date or so if the problem is resolved. Thanks for being willing to help.
  3. This is the only change I can think of that I made to the UEFI settings. I haven't tried to reset back to defaults yet.
  4. I had to set the memory speed profile, it wasn't running at the package speed with default settings. Other than that I can't think of any other changes I made to the UEFI.
  5. I need help! I cannot figure out why my computer takes so long to post after it has sat for a while. I'm linking a video from YouTube I posted this morning demonstrating the problem.
  6. I'm interested in learning useful and employable skills from this community in as many subjects as i can.