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  1. As @DarkEnergysaid Windows will take care of optimization. Just make sure you don't have a lot of startup apps or background processes running when you don't need them.
  2. This is a folder with some music. I changed some metadata (added tags) but then the name of the song was not showing up right in VLC so I undid my changes. Now, if I try to open that folder in any program the program slows down massively utilizing 90% of my CPU. I have tried deleting the folder but it's stuck at deleting the first file. I have tried this in command prompt as well. Anytime I open File Explorer, I think it tries to load the folder or something in the background so it comes to a halt. I think deleting this files by brute force might solve this issue. Any suggestions?
  3. 4GB from the 8GB stick will run in dual channel with onboard memory and the rest will run as a separate channel?
  4. I want to upgrade the existing 4GB DDR4 2400 MHz CL17 that's soldered on. It's arranged in one row of 4 chips. I can't find a manufacturer mentioned. Should I get another 4GB stick with same config and single rank to operate in dual channel? Will it run in dual channel if I use this stick Amazon.in: Buy Crucial 4GB DDR4 1.2v 2400Mhz CL17 SODIMM RAM Memory Module For Laptops and Notebooks Online at Low Prices in India | Crucial Reviews & Ratings ? Also if I get a CL19 stick, will there be a big difference in performance? I guess you can't say if it will run in dual channel till
  5. I don't quite understand you. I should use it off Battery power?
  6. I thought so. A replacement battery should fix the issue right?
  7. This is a 2018 HP Envy x360 15. It's nearing 3 years of age and the battery has over 1000 cycles according to batteryreport function in powershell. Sometimes, it alerts me that a battery is not detected, while plugged in, and if I plug out the AC Adaptor it shuts down. When I boot it up, sometimes the problem is fixed and it works other times, the problem persists. But eventually, the computer crashes on battery, and it doesn't boot up without plugging in an AC adaptor upon which the problem is fixed or it says battery is not detected and problem repeats. There has been no liquid d
  8. I'm trying to sort about 30,000 photos. I've already brought them all into one place and organized them by year. I need to go through all of them and delete bad shots and correct metadata (mostly dates) for some photos. None of them are tagged so I need to do that too. I'll need good renaming, tagging and metadata tools that aren't too complex for a novice but I don't need any editing tools. There about a million recommendations out there so help would be much appreciated.
  9. DaVinci is better than Corel right? Does the free version of Resolve have any export limitations?
  10. So I basically need a video editor for a school project. I have absolutely no experience. I already have a license for Corel VideoStudio Pro 2019 that I got for free with my camera. I also intend to dabble a bit more into video editing. Should I start working with VideoStudio or are there better free alternatives that have the same features? I don't hear Videostudio get mentioned a lot by professionals and it seems like options like LightWorks have more features.
  11. I use ProtonVPN for free, it's pretty fast and one of the few with no data caps. I can't vouch for the security of any free VPNs though.
  12. Okay I don't understand what you said but I'll look into it. Final question, is VScode much easier, once you learn, to use over a simpler text editor plus compiler?
  13. Are there any tutorials you'd recommend to get started or should I just do a quick google search? Any extension recommendations?
  14. I've been using TurboC++ for 2 years at school for C++ and now I'm learning C at college. I'm also trying to pick up python on my own. I'm mostly going to be doing basic programming and probably not developing big projects just yet so a really big IDE like Visual Studio probably won't make sense right? The numerous options out there are pretty confusing to choose from. Basically I can pick a complete IDE with everything integrated with easier testing, debugging and so on or a text editor or terminal plus compiler for speed? Also what are linkers? I want to give Visual Studio Code a try because
  15. Do you have any size or weight limitations? You probably know the best websites to look for used tech in your area. Just have a look around to find out what's available. Somebody else could probably give you specific models to look out for but used business laptops should be very cheap and probably have SSDs. Displays might not be as good though. You could also try to stretch for a Ryzen 4000 series.
  16. I just got a new laptop and I was wondering if there are any cool, free programs or apps that I don't know about but you guys find essential for certain tasks. I know there are massive lists for this but I'm sure there are some hidden gems.
  17. Wow I didn't realize any browser had that many features. I can't believe I've been using Edge Canary instead of this.
  18. Do you have any recommendations? I think the Acer Swift series is the best value notebook in this price range.
  19. I'll be using this laptop for college mostly for web browsing and media consumption. I'm just dipping into a bit of video editing and some light gaming. I'm playing at 720p 20fps so anything should be an upgrade. Also I'm not sure if I'll be carrying it around to class a lot yet, it's uncommon for people to take notes with laptops here. CPU: Ryzen 5 3500U or i5-1035G1 seem like the best options. GPU: Anything if the budget allows Display: FHD, 250 nits at least RAM: 8GB with upgradability to 16GB Battery: As I've mentioned I don't know how long I'll be actually
  20. I did stumble across that software. i was wondering if there were other options. Thanks, I'll give it a go. I'll try it first with a temp folder like you suggested.