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  1. Nice to see you as well! And you are a part of the staff team now, you deserve it! That is indeed a good question.
  2. After not having checked the forum in a long time and i come back to this. Again Alpenwasser, Good job! Amazing build
  3. After not having been on the forum for quite a while and coming back to pictures of this! This is just amazing as always Alpenwasser! :wub:
  4. Get this program called DualWallpaper (Should be easy to find with google, but i uploaded it with puush. It let's you stretch the picture to the individual screens. Great program, been using it for quite a while ^^ Puush zip link: http://puu.sh/d3J2m.rar
  5. I would say buy now. Black friday is usually just items they want to sell. One of the best PSU's on the market is not one of those items.
  6. 438 mm X 163 mm X 24 mm (not sure if it's with or without the wristpad)
  7. Oh i thought it was backlit but it wasn't I would personally go for the K70 though!
  8. I would go for the K70 or maybe this: http://gaming.coolermaster.com/en/products/keyboards/quickfirext/ I have a Logitech G710+ and the only thing i don't like about it is the G1-6 keys but the rest of it is awesome!
  9. I'm not saying 1000W is the way to go, but i would not say 650W is good for future expansion. (I would want just a bit more) Yes Wattage used in newer cpus, gpus++ is getting lower and lower but still.
  10. 650 isn't a lot of future expansion though. I've got 1000W and i only need about 650 (max) w/my specs.
  11. This is one of the only ones that i know about in full white, but i'm not sure if the cables is white. Full white PSU: http://www.super-flower.com.tw/products_detail.php?class=2&sn=16&ID=97〈=en (if you maybe contact Overclockers uk they might be able to get it in lower than 1000W in full white) I also know NZXT has one but it's black n' white: http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/132-HALE82-v2-700w-power-supply.html
  12. SLI 780, it will have the best price to performance for gaming no matter what. I'm even planning on getting a second 780 myself as i want the extra frames ^^
  13. What are you talking about? They literally just announced the 900 series and it's not even out a lot of places.
  14. You can buy something from eBay, idk if they are good though.
  15. It won't work unless you use a splitter, it doesn't work for me when i tried the ones that came with my samsung phone which has mic and headphones in 1 x 3.5mm plug.
  16. He has a following so he get stuff to promote/review, but if you don't have any following and is planning to start something you'll need to buy everything you review in the start until you got a following that the companies think is worth it. I'm pretty sure some companies will contact you just because they like your reviews of some of their products and they'll ask you to review their stuff.
  17. Pretty sure you can't. Mainly because there is probably about 10k+ people asking every day.. Also; the only people who get free parts is reviewers (like Linus and others) Or maybe some other things (like charity or giveaways that is 100% legit)
  18. If you are looking at a cheap 120hz Monitor look at the AOC monitors, they are really cheap but i don't know that much about how the colors is on it. I know the monitor i have XL2420T had horrible colors before i calibrated it and now it's brilliant! So it should be ok no matter what if you're patient enough to fix it yourself.
  19. So as none of the reviews ever mention this: How is it setting in during this hot summer for 7+ hrs as it's PU Leather? I've bought one PU Leather chair for 2000 NOK (240 euros) and the chair was uncomfortable as hell if i used it for more than 1 hour at a time. ^^
  20. I've heard that a lot of the Windows 8.1 keys on softwareswap and g2a is keys that you get from being in-school. (Microsoft Dreamspark)
  21. Lie to me - One of my favorite series! Other than that i can't really remember anything. D: OH and Chuck!
  22. I have been playing both of the games a lot and i have no idea what you are talking about. BF4 looks better than BF3 in pretty much every way. The only thing i liked better about BF3 is the maps! - I hated the blue tint so im happy it's not there anymore