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  1. I did, but its seems like it wont install the windows drivers with, thats why it wouldn't work. I got an ISO from a friend who downloaded it through a windows PC and it worked like a charm.
  2. sorry for double post, but bootcamp only allows me to partition my drive and install windows directly on my machine
  3. isn't bootcamp used so i can install windows on my mac? I don't want that, I want to install windows on my pc T_T
  4. I tried both, I used unetbootin, I copied the files, nothing worked. same issues at the end, either a flashing underscore or a corrupted installer
  5. Hello LTT, so i just finished building my rig, and I have built so many other systems and it shouldn't be a hard task, got done and I wanted to install windows thing is I use a macbook as my daily driver so I decided i'd just install the windows iso from the microsoft page, put it in a flash drive and then boot it on my PC well, things seemed easy but nothing worked. I did everything I could but nothing worked. all i get in the bios, is my USB's name 3 times, 1- *USB name* (partition 1) 2-*USB name* (Partition 2) 3-*USB name*
  6. Dear LTT, I know that I should know these answers and all, but I honestly don't know, I did manage to answer a few questions but there are some that I literally couldn't comprehend. those are the following questions: Problem 2- IP Fragmentation Consider sending 4000-bytedatagram into a link that has an MTU of 250 bytes. a) How many fragments are generated? b) What are their characteristics (i.e. what are the flags and offset values for each (Assume that the DF flag was not set : ) Solution: Assume that no optional fields of the
  7. Alright so, I live in the UAE, budget is about 1500$ can be a bit flexable. but here's the thing. prices here are very high, so what I'm going to do is order parts through amazon.then buy the case here cause of shipping costs etc. I don't want a system that I'll have to upgrade in another two or three years down the line. I'm also thinking istead of getting a 2070 I can get a 1080 Ti used for a good price. so you can help me with this too.. thanks.
  8. I’m currently at work, but I’ll mark up your comment and I’ll reply back when I’m home to discuss this further
  9. So as the title says, I’m planning on getting a PC i used to be an avid gamer but uni and work got in the way, now I have some free time and I can game a bit, I currently have a MacBook which is more than enough for my uni and work needs, but not enough for gaming mu current plan for a build is a 9600k and a 2070. But I heard that intel is going to release a 10nm chip which will be a massive upgrade, should I get the new rig or wait?
  10. So here's what I did to test all of this out, I plugged my main router ( the one at ground floor) to another router through the WAN or internet port on a second router at the 2nd floor, then I connected the ports from the second router to the ports on the extention thingy ( honestly don't know what its name) and from there I connected 2 access points, one in my room, the other in the living area. so far I'm getting my promised internet connection bandwith from my ISP, but I have about 8ms latency. which I don't have if I connect directly to the main router which gives me about 2-3
  11. So I've moved in to a new Villa, and this is the basic idea I have for routing internet around my house Each floor is going to get a switch with an access point installed and also if anyone needs a wired connection. will this compromise any bandwidth? if you have any better ideas please let me know. also this is another pic of what each floor has, each switch is going to have connections to the plugs on the rack which intern are connected to all of the rooms in each floor btw disgard the white box its just another modem
  12. The Nvidia card is actually cheaper here, 1500AED compared to 2000AED for the Vega card
  13. I really don't know about all of the new things that came out, its been a while since I've been up-to-date with tech news
  14. I don't mind buying each part separately, I've built a few PC's in my days.