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  1. I do have bluetooth headphone (Bose) but headphone jack would be nice for the situations where my headphones have no charge. Right now i can only have like 3 episodes OR 1 film downloaded cos of the tiny amount of storage the tablet currently has (It had 8GB at launch which is like 60% filled with built in apps etc.)
  2. Not available in a English version unfortunatley
  3. I was looking at IPads they might not have expandable storage but they generally have bigger inbuilt storage than android counterparts
  4. Right now i have a very old android tablet (Android kit kat old). Which cant last longer than 3 hours before needing to be charged It has been so long since ive had the need to get a tablet that i have no clue on what to look for I only use it for watching netflix, youtube, twitch that kinda thing. I have 4 hours of commuting everyday so Im looking around to £300 mark hoping that will get me something decent enough for what i want to use it for. Expandable storage is a must due to me putting films on it like downloaded via Netflix etc.
  5. Back when i was a young teenager (Over 10 years ago now, man i feel old) Acer products were known for being built to a budget rather than getting the best quality products in the price bracket they were aiming for. I have personally avoided Acer as a brand ever since then. With exception of their very high end products which do seem nice i have no idea about whether Acer products have actually gotten better over the years or whether they are still the same old song and dance of built to a budget and can be beaten by basically every brand out there
  6. Tomsta

    energy drinks!!!

    Neither Pussy, yes that legit is a brand of Energy drink
  7. Basically means that the individual cores of a CPU are being stressed less? allowing for more complex instructions to be run?
  8. I don't understand what exactly is it that makes Vulkan (arguably) better for games than DirectX, is it more how it handles codes and instructions? I know few games use Vulkan, I only know of 3; Doom, Path of Exile and Baulder's Gate 3 (early access)
  9. I did leave it for a 2nd time and same thing (i just tried a restart to make sure) That registry key just had * there which if my coding knowledge serves me well is an indication of a wildcard as in check all drives as it were, just removed it and that seems to have solved it. Hopefully it's Windows being Windows and not an early sign of my 2nd hard drive failing
  10. This started happening two days ago, Windows prompts to want to repair my drive however it seems to take a long while so i leave it going over night and find that next time i restart it's still asking to scan and repair. Now as this is just my data drive not my OS drive i'm not too fussed if it goes wrong (i've backed up music and photos; everything else can be re-acquired later) Anyone know how to stop Windows trying to repair the drive every time it boots. The drive itself seems fine as i'm able to browse it and game from it fine (my game library is stored on the 2nd drive)
  11. 1st question unless your going near the speed of light that isnt likley to happen. Laws of physics state that anything with mass cannot acceralte to speed of light or beyond. You can get close but FTL is not physically possible at least with oir understanding of physics
  12. Of course its ok. Why wouldnt it be? Some of the best music written in metal and rock has female vocalists. Nightwish is a prime example there is a reason why there is a little running joke about people having "Floorgasms" when listening to the live version of Ghost Love Score
  13. Looked at all of those brand new and they all work out to be at least £400 min, problem is that second hand market for things like this isn't the prevalent in the UK. I'm not comfortable spending basically half of my new computers value on just a chair. We have Herman Miller chairs in the office and although comfortable i wouldn't say they are worth the £500 each (we buy them second hand apparently)