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  1. Some friends got me into DnD last year, kinda became addicted to watching Critical Role
  2. Don't know why it gives me anxiety it just does, always has
  3. I never like to have to much of my hard drive used, currently thanks to the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition my 2TB HDD crept over 50% used and it got me wanting to buy a bigger drive and offload any non game data onto this separate drive, leaving that 2TB drive just for games. However that then got me thinking should i future proof it by going 4tb so that if i need to rebuild my PC i can use the 4tb as my main "data" drive including games
  4. I've recently joined a gym and have quickly realised that my wired earbuds are very annoying to deal with when in the gym and i don't want to be using my Bose QC35's for obvious reasons so i'm now in the market for some wireless earbuds. Problem is that i have no even residual knowledge on these as I've never had a need to look into wireless earbuds So I'm looking for some recommendations from people. I did watch the LTT video but want to get other people's viewpoints as well I'm using an android phone so no iOS specific ones please
  5. Wait till the film I want comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. Buy it Simple as, if I want to digitise it for personal use I'll rip it from the DVD or Blue-Ray
  6. Banned for claiming to be a fake Russian government agency
  7. Banned for associating posh people with America
  8. You're referring what what is basically Euthanasia in a round-about way
  9. Some issues are very complex. For some people working out "Is this really want you want" can take literal years, i'm imaging in this scenario you're thinking said pereson would spend a few months with a counsellor or therapist. Sometimes that is all that is needed yes, but for the kind of people you're talking about more often than not this is going to take years to 'figure out' I had that eye opening experience myself when I discovered that after a year of counselling my issues were far from "sorted"
  10. Problem we have there is that decision like that would need to be made of someone who is of "sound mind" and the people you're referring to might not have that. Take someone who is depressed; nature of depression means you're not thinking clearly. I don't think we should give that kind of decisional power to someone who "isn't in their right mind". Having experienced first hand the aftermath of someone taking that route it's given me a new insight into this area I do believe in euthanisa but with the cavate that is has to be approved by an external party of 'sound mind'
  11. I forgot about the London buses that are Hydrogen (I'm from the UK)
  12. I recall Honda making a Hydrogen car years ago. Why wasn't that put into mainstream production?; obviously they figured out a way to store the Hydrogen
  13. That's why companies are doing R&D to find a way to safely store Hydrogen in a way that's also cheap to mass produce
  14. Isn't that more the theoretical range rather than the actual range?
  15. I'd disagree with the capacity. Even the most 'efficient' Electric only cars don't have effective ranges above 100 miles. Hybrids are a bit different; i'm not fully sure how they are more efficient to be honest. If we take the i8 for example i'm not sure how it can be more efficient and produce less CO2 than the equivalent car powered by petrol or diesel considering they are still using petrol/diesel and from engines that are still fairly powerful. If anyone can clarify that for me that would be great